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Veterinary Ultrasound Buyers Guide

 Many veterinarians buy expensive ultrasound machines and quickly realize they don’t have the tools to learn how to use their machine. In many cases they find they do not have the time or desire after the purchase, and the machine winds up sitting in the corner. UDS will work with you to ensure you get the most use out of your system. On the contrary, some veterinarians never purchase an ultrasound machine because they fear they will never be able to learn veterinary ultrasound. These veterinarians all have something in common,. they both failed to determine their goals and properly assess their specific needs before they decided to buy a veterinary ultrasound machine.

The trick to buying a veterinary ultrasound machine is to first determine how you will use it. Once you know this, we can help you select a machine to best fit your needs.

puppy We can break down the options into three basic categories for veterinary ultrasound:


Vet Ultrasound Category 1: Cystocentesis and Emergency: The ultrasound will be used for emergency purposes where referral is not an option. You may use the ultrasound system to search for abdominal fluid, pericardial effusion, hemoabdomen, large abdominal masses etc. You will also allow your technicians to get urine via cystocentesis by using the ultrasound to visualize the anatomy and guide the needle. In our experience, most veterinarians ultimately fall into this category as they find they do not have the time or dedication to move into category 2. Unfortunately, many veterinarians find that they bought “too much machine” since their system has features they will never learn to use. Some veterinarians never buy a machine because they believe they need all the bells & whistles, when a more basic system can add great value to the practice.

Vet Ultrasound Category 2: Proficient General Practice: Your ultrasound will be used for most cases.. You will take the time to train and learn how to utilize the more in depth features and applications ultrasound has to offer.. You are prepared for a learning curve to improve your practice. In addition to the common emergencies and abdominal masses, you would like to tackle cases such as icterus, vomiting, and azotemia. You intend to refer cases to a local specialist only in rare cases. In our experience, this is the goal of most (if not all) veterinarians who purchase ultrasound machines. Our veterinary training options can help ensure you reach this goal quickly.

Vet Ultrasound Category 3: Specialist: You plan on doing a residency to learn all there is to learn about ultrasound. Ultimately, a residency is necessary to learn the nuances that can only be learned by seeing dozens of cases and having a mentor (and a pathology department) give you feedback on your efforts.


In conclusion: The first step in buying an ultrasound machine is to know how you plan to use it.

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