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Veterinary Ultrasound Systems For Imaging Large Animals

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Portable veterinary ultrasound systems can be used to evaluate the musculoskeletal systems and internal organs as well as reproductive purposes for Equine, Bovine and other large animals.

UDS offers a range of portable veterinary ultrasound systems configured to fit your specific needs, whether you plan to examine the tendons or ligaments of a horse, or looking to add imaging capabilities for breeding purposes.

0 m9 cr1   Mindray M9 Vet
logiq e 275px   GE Logiq e Vet
M Turbo 275   SonoSite M-Turbo Vet
0 mindray z60 ultrasound machine laptop scanner diagnostic medical tool for patient exams NTE natural touch elastography mode   Mindray Z60 Vet
U50 Prime edition   EDAN U50 Vet
EDAN AX3 Ultrasound Machine Diagnostic Medical Scanning System   EDAN AX3 Vet
draminski iscan 2 ultrasound machine scanner for sale   Draminski iScan 2
275px   Draminski 4vet
mindray dp 30 ultrasound machine 275   Mindray DP-30 vet
edan dus 60 ultrasound machine 275   EDAN DUS 60 vet


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