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SonoStar CProbe L8 Linear Ultrasound Scanner For Sale

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SonoStar CProbe L8: Ultra Portable Ultrasound Imaging

Unleash the power of cutting-edge diagnostic imaging with the SonoStar CProbe L8 (also known as the SonoStar 8L or SonoStar CProbe-L ). Engineered for precision, mobility, and versatility, this ultrasound scanner is designed to elevate your medical practice to new heights.


SonoStar CProbe L8 Ultrasound Scanner Example Scan 01


SonoStar L8 Key Features

Advanced Imaging Technology

  • Scan Mode: Electronic Array Linear Scanning
  • Frequency: Linear Probe 7.5/10MHz
  • Elements: 192 Elements
  • Channels: 64 Channels
  • Scanning Depth: Linear 20/40/60/100mm (Adjustable)
  • Field of View: Linear L40


Seamless Integration

  • Screen: iOS/Android/Windows
  • Supporting System: iOS, Android, Windows
  • Display Mode: B, B/M, Color, PDI, PW
  • Image Adjustment: Gain, Focus, Reverse Pulse Harmonics, Noise Reduction


Intelligent Functionality

  • Puncture Auxiliary Function: In-Plane Puncture Guide, Out-Plane Puncture Guide, Automatic Vascular Measurement
  • Image Gray Scale: 256 Level
  • Noise Reduction: 0-1-2-3-4
  • Gain: 30db-105db
  • Dynamic Range: 40/50/60/70/80/90/100/110


Enhanced User Experience

  • Image/Video Storage: JPG, MP4, DICOM (Store on Mobile Phones, Tablet PC)
  • Measure: Distance, Area, Obstetrics, and More
  • Power: Built-in Lithium Battery (2200mAh, Wireless Charging for Extended Working Time)
  • Playback: Manual and Automatic, Playback Frames (100/200/500/1000)
  • WiFi Type: 802.11n/2.4G/5G Dual-Band 450Mbps


Portability Redefined

  • Battery Working Time: 1.5 Hours
  • Size: 156mm×60mm×20mm
  • Net Weight: 180 Gram


SonoStar CProbe L8 Ultrasound Scanner Example Scan 02


Why Choose SonoStar CProbe L8?


  • Unmatched Precision: From in-depth organ scans to vascular measurements, experience crystal-clear imaging for accurate diagnostics.

  • Total Connectivity: Seamlessly connect with iOS, Android, or Windows devices for real-time collaboration and data sharing.

  • Intelligent Design: Wireless charging, compact dimensions, and an extended battery life provide the freedom to diagnose anywhere, anytime.


SonoStar CProbe L8 Demonstration Video


Unlock the Power of a Portable Ultrasound

Don't miss out on the opportunity to have cutting-edge medical imaging technology at your fingertips. The SonoStar CL8 offers precision, mobility, and diagnostic excellence in a compact design.


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