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KONICA MINOLTA SONIMAGE HS2: Your Gateway to Unrivaled Imaging Excellence


Experience Superior Imaging:

  • Benefit from T2HI, Dual Sonic, and iXRET technologies
  • Innovative design and an intuitive user interface redefine ease of use
  • Simple Needle Visualization (SNV) technology ensures precision


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Designed for Your Convenience:

  • A Point-of-Care portable ultrasound system catering to diverse applications and patient types
  • Konica Minolta’s advanced technology guarantees high-resolution image quality and seamless workflow in daily clinical practice


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Cutting-edge Technology for Superior Imaging:

  • The SONIMAGE HS2 boasts Unique Nanofabrication Technology, crafting the "L18-4" linear probe for heightened sensitivity and deeper penetration
  • T2HI and Dual Sonic merge to suppress acoustic noise and ensure optimal imaging from deep to superficial structures




Enhanced Functionality for Effortless Workflow:

  • Achieve higher resolution and faster frame rates with the innovative iXRET technology
  • Simple Needle Visualization (SNV) automatically detects needle insertion, usable in both 'In-plane' and 'Out of plane' scenarios

konica minolta sonimage HS2 specifications

HS2 Ultrasound Scan Methods: Convex, Linear, Sector

HS2 Ultrasound Operator Modes: B, M, Color, Power, SCF, PWD, CWD

Monitor Size: 15 Inches

System Size: 369 mm x 452 mm x 90 mm

Weight: 7.9 kg


Efficiency Redefined:

  • Customize 8 physical buttons and the touch panel for an intuitive workflow
  • Multi-Parameter Adjuster (MPA) facilitates changes in image parameters for enhanced adaptability


vascular navi


Streamlined Operations with Vascular NAVI:

  • Automate necessary adjustments and operations with ease
  • Semi-automatic measurements by simply touching the mode and measurement buttons, supporting efficient workflow for blood vessels and blood flow volume measurements


Empowering Communication:

  • Utilize the drawing feature to write, draw, and illustrate on the screen, fostering effective training and patient communication


Konica Minolta Sonimage HS2 Ultrasound Transducers


  • Konica Minolta C5-2 Convex Probe
  • Konica Minolta L18-4 High-Frequency Linear Probe
  • Konica Minolta L11-3 Linear Probe
  • Konica Minolta L14-4 Linear Probe
  • Konica Minolta WL13-3 Wide-Linear Probe
  • Konica Minolta S4-2 Sector Probe
  • Konica Minolta S4-2A Sector Probe
  • Konica Minolta MC10-3 Micro-Convex Probe
  • Konica Minolta HL18-4 Linear Probe
  • Konica Minolta EC9-3 Endo-Cavity Probe


konica minolta sonimage HS2 transducers


Konica Minolta Sonimage HS2 Introduction Video 1



Konica Minolta Sonimage HS2 Introduction Video 2


Unlock the Power of a Konica Minolta Portable Ultrasound

Don't miss out on the opportunity to have cutting-edge medical imaging technology at your fingertips. The Konica Minolta Sonimage HS2 ultrasound offers precision, mobility, and diagnostic excellence in a compact design.


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