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Konica Minolta Sonimage MX1 Ultrasound For Sale

Konica Minolta MX1 Ultrasound Scanner Medical Diagnostic Tool

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Superior Imaging, Unmatched Portability

The SONIMAGE MX1 Portable Ultrasound System brings forth a new era in medical imaging technology. Compact, portable, and empowered by cutting-edge features, the MX1 system is designed for medical professionals seeking advanced imaging capabilities for both guided injections and diagnostic medical scanning.


Key Features:

  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Simplify operation with one-touch image optimization for improved workflow and confident decision-making in any setting.
  • Enhanced Needle Visibility: The SNV® Simple Needle Visualization software employs an advanced algorithm, enhancing needle visibility and significantly improving accuracy in needle placement.
  • Portability Redefined: Lightweight and compact, the MX1 System is ideal for outpatient point-of-care services, offices, and remote settings, providing seamless usability wherever you go.


Konica Minolta MX1 Ultrasound Scanner Medical Diagnostic Tool

Konica Minolta Sonimage MX1 Ultrasound (Shown Above Configured with One Transducer)


Ultrasound Scan Methods: Convex, Linear, Sector

Ultrasound Operating Modes: B, M, Color, Power, SCF, PWD, CWD

Monitor Size: 12.1 Inches

Overall Size: 320mm x 64.5mm x 302mm

Weight: 4.5 Kg with battery

Battery: 60 minutes (120 minutes with additional battery)


Konica Minolta MX1 Ultrasound 02

Konica Minolta Sonimage MX1 Ultrasound Controls (Shown Above)



Precision in Practice 

Confident Diagnosis and Needle Placement:

The SONIMAGE MX1 ensures high image quality and user-friendly operation, making it the go-to choice for operating rooms, ASCs, pain clinics, and various medical settings. With visual needle guidance, it aids in precise needle placement for nerve block injections and central venous catheterization, prioritizing patient safety during procedures.


Innovative Technology:

  • Simple Needle Visualization (SNV) Technology: Combines in-plane and out-of-plane methods for superior accuracy, especially beneficial in steep needle approaches.
  • Superior Image Quality (T2HI): Ensures exceptional clarity, particularly ideal for superficial imaging needs.
  • Dual Sonic Technology: Uniquely transmits two waveforms, reducing acoustic noise and optimizing image quality from deep areas to superficial, guaranteeing clearer results.


 Konica Minolta MX1 Ultrasound 01

Konica Minolta Sonimage MX1 Ultrasound with Carrying Handle for Easy Transportation (Shown Above)



Your Partner in Efficiency and Innovation

Anytime, Anywhere for Anyone:

Inheriting innovation from its higher-end model, the SONIMAGE HS1, the MX1 Point-of-Care system delivers advanced technologies ensuring superior image quality, efficient workflow, and exceptional value.


Enhance Your Workflow:

  • Intuitive Operation: Customizable touchscreen with frequently used keys facilitates a superior workflow, enhancing efficiency and throughput.
  • MPA (Multi-Parameter Adjuster): Change multiple image parameters swiftly, reducing keystrokes and optimizing images to increase throughput without compromising quality.
 Konica Minolta MX1 Ultrasound Trapezoid Off    Konica Minolta MX1 Ultrasound Trapezoid On
 Trapezoid Off    Trapezoid On



Easy and Quick:

The Cradle eliminates cable stress, enabling easy portability without the hassle of cable insertion/removal, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Konica Minolta MX1 Ultrasound 03

Konica Minolta Sonimage MX1 Ultrasound with Transducer (Shown Above)



Konica Minolta Sonimage MX1 Ultrasound Transducers

  • Konica Minolta L11-3 Linear Probe
  • Konica Minolta L14-4 Linear Probe
  • Konica Minolta C5-2 Convex Probe
  • Konica Minolta MC10-3 Micro-convex Probe
  • Konica Minolta S4-2 Sector Probe

konica sonimage MX1 ultrasound transducers


Konica Minolta Sonimage MX1 Introduction Video



Konica Minolta Sonimage MX1 Echo Exam Example Video


Unlock the Power of a Konica Minolta Portable Ultrasound

Don't miss out on the opportunity to have cutting-edge medical imaging technology at your fingertips. The Konica Minolta Sonimage MX1 ultrasound offers precision, mobility, and diagnostic excellence in a compact design.


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