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Simple|Smart|Focused Ultrasound

The Mindray TE5 is a specialty ultrasound system with a completely new design, where every detail of practical use has been taken into consideration and ultimately realized for anesthetists and physicians. eSpacial Navi and iNeedle ensure safe needling solution. Up to 20MHz ultra-high frequency linear transducer can visualize the finest nerves and fibers with extremely high resolution. Seamless monitor with full touch screen and exclusive clean-lock function ensure efficient cleaning and disinfection. The multiple modality design enables the TE5 to easily handle a wide range of medical scenarios.

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Mindray TE5 Features and Specifications
· 15" touch screen with anti-glare and wide viewing angle
· 3 second boot up from standby with one touch
· 3 transducer connectors for various exam types
· More than 2 hours real-time scanning with built-in battery
· Built-in Wi-Fi with hotspot
· Unique cable management to avoid wheel rolling compaction
· Retractable power cable design

Easy to Learn and Use
Touch Enabled Response
State-of-the-art fingertip operation: tap to open or close functions, drag to adjust parameters and move objects, pinch to zoom in or out, slide for multi-selection, and swipe to expand the imaging area, even with your gloves on - providing simple control and setting optimization at the touch of a finger.

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Customizable Layout
Most frequently used ultrasound functions are constantly displayed on the top half of the screen. Advanced functions and features can be easily defined by you, and just a ‘touch away’.

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Complete Disinfection Solution
Based on Mindray's consistent emphasis on rigorous testing, the TE5 provides the highest standard disinfection solution with a special optimized design, high chemical resistance, and a wide range of disinfectants. The seamless and non-porous touch screen is easily disinfected, with a 10-second screen locking feature for cleaning even during exams. Both the main unit and transducers of the TE5 can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to reach disinfection standards in various countries, including Europe and North America.

Safe Needling Features

eSpacial NaviTM
With eSpacial NaviTM, the 4D magnetic needle navigation technology, TE5 guides you to better visualize the needle adaptively during either In-Plane or Out-of-Plane procedures. The position of the tip and the alignment of the needle now are simply identified, allowing you to plan the needle trajectory before puncturing and guiding you to the target safer and easier.

The advanced needle visualization of iNeedle+TM is available for linear and convex transducers. This technology can greatly improve the needle display during In-Plane approach. The intelligent algorithm can automatically track the needle angle and optimize the ultrasound beam accurately by degree for optimum image quality, compared with normal visualization technology.

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Transducer with Programmable Buttons
The L12-3RCs with 3 programmable buttons ensures simple, fast, and convenient control without touching the system, letting you focus more on patient care. The optimally positioned keys can be defined as depth & gain adjustment, freeze & unfreeze, save image & cine, and more.

Based on Artificial Intelligent voice recognition technology, iVocal allows you to control system functions by simple voice commands, embracing development in ultrasound user comfort and operator ergonomics during the whole ultrasound exam.
· Simple, accurate and fast
· Free hands, focus more on the patients and enhance diagnostic efficiency
· Suitable for disinfected and sterile environment without touching the system

Superior Workflow Function

Smart Track
Based on smart track of vessels, it can automatically optimize Color/Power and PW spectrum to reduce repetitive, time-consuming steps and simplify the vascular exam workflow:
>Real-time and automatically optimize Color box position & angle
>Real-time and automatically optimize PW sample volume position & angle & size

Powerful IOS/Android App, supporting remote control of the ultrasound system, access to patient data and built-in tutorial software.

Dedicated inbuilt tutorial software
Anatomical diagram illustrations including schematic structure tips and coded tissue
Standard ultrasonogram comparison with real-time scanning
Scanning reference picture demonstrating adequate patient position and probe placement tips on scanning skills and diagnosis information


*Configuration of the system is subject to local registration.

Mindray TE5 Ultrasound Video


eSpacial Navi for Ultrasound Needle Guidance