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Looking to buy a console ultrasound by Mindray such as the Consona N9, Resona I9, or Imagyn I9? These ultrasound consoles are specifically designed for advanced imaging studies, offering exceptional image quality, user-friendly interfaces, and innovative features to meet the demands of modern medical practices.

Mindray Consona N9 Ultrasound Console For Sale

A Mindray Consona N9 ultrasound machine (shown above) configured with five different probes/transducers for multiple medical examination scanning scenarios.

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Our Featured Mindray Ultrasound Consoles


Mindray Consona N9

The Consona N9 Ultrasound System redefines excellence in image quality and ergonomics, establishing a new benchmark in the shared service environment. Tailored to address the needs of women's health, radiology, and cardiovascular departments, it offers a comprehensive array of transducers and advanced features, maximizing performance beyond image quality to enhance both user and patient experience.

Mindray Resona I9

The Resona I9 is known for its revolutionary ZONE Sonography Technology (ZST+), which delivers stunning image clarity and resolution. This system is ideal for a wide range of clinical applications, from routine exams to complex diagnostic procedures. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during prolonged use, and its intuitive interface simplifies workflow, making it a favorite among healthcare professionals.

Mindray Imagyn I9

The Imagyn I9 Ultrasound System offers state-of-the-art imaging technology, specifically designed for women's health applications. It features advanced 3D/4D imaging capabilities, providing detailed views that aid in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. The system's user-friendly design and powerful imaging capabilities make it an indispensable tool in obstetrics and gynecology.




Explore Our Range of Mindray Ultrasound Consoles


In addition to the latest models, we also offer a range of reliable older options that continue to deliver excellent performance.

Mindray DC-90

The DC-90 is a versatile ultrasound system that combines high image quality with advanced features. Its robust design and comprehensive functionality make it suitable for a variety of clinical applications, from abdominal and vascular imaging to obstetrics and cardiology.

Mindray DC-88

The DC-88 offers powerful imaging capabilities and user-friendly operation. Its compact design and advanced imaging technologies make it an excellent choice for clinics and hospitals looking for a reliable and efficient ultrasound system.

Mindray DC-70

The DC-70 is known for its excellent image quality and ease of use. It features a wide range of imaging modes and advanced technologies, providing clinicians with the tools they need to perform accurate and efficient examinations.


Mindray Imagyn I9 Ultrasound for Womens OB Exams Examinations

A Mindray Imagyn I9 ultrasound (shown above) used for advanced diagnostic OB GYN and Women's Health studies.


Why Choose Mindray Ultrasound Systems?


Advanced Imaging Technology

Mindray ultrasound systems are equipped with cutting-edge imaging technologies that deliver high-resolution images, allowing for precise diagnostics and better patient outcomes.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with clinicians in mind, Mindray systems feature intuitive interfaces that streamline workflow and reduce the learning curve, enabling faster and more efficient examinations.


Mindray offers a wide range of ultrasound systems suitable for various clinical applications, ensuring that you can find the perfect system to meet your specific needs.


Mindray systems are built to last, providing reliable performance over the long term. With excellent customer support and service, you can be confident in your investment.


Ultrasound Example Scan Performed with Mindray N9 3D Color Fetal Umbilical Cord

Example scan performed with Mindray N9 ultrasound console of 3D color fetal umbilical cord (shown above).



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