Entry Level Veterinary Ultrasound Systems

Entry level ultrasound systems for Veterinarians. Basic, Cost effective machines with sufficient image quality for emergency purposes where referral is not an option. These systems may be used to search for abdominal fluid, pericardial effusion, hemoabdomen, large abdominal masses etc. You may also use these systems to get urine via cystocentesis by using the ultrasound to visualize the anatomy and guide the needle. 


Clover60 250

Wisonic Clover60 Vet

Wisonic Clover60 vet is a full function hand-carried ultrasound with extremely lightweight, easy to use, durable and best-in class Image quality. From now on, you need not trade-off between the performance and the weight....(Read More)
Clover60 ultrasound Logowisonic logo 250
Wisonics Piloter 250 vertical

Wisonic Piloter Vet

Wisonic Piloter has a wide range of transducers that cover the full range of general applications. An innovative middle line design along with project probe direction indicator, provide users best experience and accuracy ...(Read More)
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eco3 vet1 

Chison ECO3VET

The Chison ECO3VET is the best in class B&W portable ultrasound system available. This system is excellent for small animal and equine scanning. (Read More)




Samsung Medison
SonoVet R3

The SonoVet R3 provides the features of a premium system at a fraction of the cost. The SonoVet R3 Vet is brought to you by Samsung / Medison, a company whose name has been trusted in ultrasound since 1985.(Read More) 


SIUI Apogee 1100 Vet

The SIUI Apogee 1100 Vet is an entry level portable veterinary system building off of the CTS-7700 platform and includes color Doppler fuinctionality. The system includes veterinary presets, image storage and image optimization features such as spatial compounding, Speckle reduciton and image focusing.  (Read More)


 SIUI CTS 8800 Vet

The SIUI 8800 is an entry level portable ultrasound system featuring vet speicific software, and focuses on being a cost effective yet quality portable veterinary ultrasound. The SIUI 8800 is a great system for vet's new to ultrasound looking for an inexpensive system for minimal abdominal exams or needle guidance.(Read More)

 wed-3100 THUMB


The WELLD WED3100 fully digital portable ultrasound system offers outstanding B&W image quality for the price. The WED3100 is an ultra portable design, offering respectable image quality on the 5” TFT LCD. (Read More)


The DRAMINSKI iScan portable vet ultrasound system is a fully digital ultrasound scanner with linear rectal probe for reproduction exams. The iScan portable vet ultrasound is the most reliable and durable device for accurate diagnosis for full breeding of cows and mares, tendons and occular scanning. (Read More) 

00 titan THUMB

Sonosite Titan Vet

The SonoSite Titan is SonoSite’s second generation portable ultrasound system. This system improved upon the technology of the SonoSite 180 with a larger screen and keyboard packed into a laptop style system. (Read more)

180 plus THUMB

Sonosite 180 Vet

The SonoSite 180 Plus is a highly portable ultrasound system that provides a sensitive and accurate quantitative assessment of blood flow, enabling the user to measure velocities and identify flow characteristics in arteries and veins. Doppler signals are exceptionally clean enhancing diagnostic confidence for vascular exams. (Read more)

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