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SIUI APOGEE 2100 ultrasound

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For doctors and sonographers seeking an exceptional color ultrasound solution that combines affordability with top-tier performance, the Apogee 2100 is the ultimate choice. This compact, state-of-the-art system, enriched with cutting-edge imaging technology inspired by high-end models, stands as the preferred entry-level Color Doppler System.


Revolutionary MFI Technology: Witness the transformation of signal clarity with MFI technology, which masterfully reduces distortion and eliminates unwanted noise. The result? Premium images boasting unrivaled resolution, high contrast, and impressive penetration.

Unleash the Power of XBeam: Our XBeam technology takes the hassle out of echo artifacts and elevates spatial resolution, ensuring crystal-clear imaging that facilitates accurate diagnosis.

Nanoview - Precision at Its Finest: Say goodbye to unwanted noises and artifacts as Nanoview steps in to showcase even the tiniest of lesions with soft, detailed imagery. Enhanced tissue definition and sharper edges guarantee reliable diagnostic outcomes.

Experience the Enhanced VS Flow: The VS Flow feature revolutionizes blood flow sensitivity and resolution, empowering doctors to maximize the clinical value of their examinations.

4D Pro - Your Diagnostic Companion: The 4D Pro package is an efficient imaging processing toolkit that includes nSlice, Q-Cut, and Any Cut, enabling swift and dependable diagnosis. Clinicians can swiftly capture the specific sections they require, observing the target area's shape, size, and surroundings with remarkable clarity.

Elastography - Real-time Tissue Stiffness Visualization: Dive into the realm of real-time tissue stiffness visualization with Elastography. This innovative technology provides color-coded identification of tissue stiffness, delivering a new dimension to your diagnostic capabilities.

Panoscope - Wider Horizons for Greater Insights: For doctors seeking an expansive view of large tissue areas, our Panoscope system extends your scanning capabilities. Monitor scanning quality through simultaneous B mode and Panoramic mode display, ensuring you capture every detail.


Choose the Apogee 2100 and take your ultrasound practice to the next level. Precision, clarity, and efficiency are at your fingertips, setting a new standard in the world of medical imaging.


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