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PeakSonic M1 Bladder Scanner Ultrasound Machine

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System Description:


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PeakSonic M1 is a handheld portable bladder volume instrument, which can be applied in the department of Surgery, Emergency, ICU, Obstetrics, Gynecology, radiotherapy and nursing homes. It can provide the basis for clinical catheterization, evaluates the post-void residual after patient urination, and helps to make an auxiliary diagnosis on bladder and kidney diseases. It is also suitable for patients with lower body disability or loss of auto-urination function to confirm the proper timing of urination.
PeakSonic M1 Bladder Scanner Volume Instrument is a handheld, portable and non-invasive instrument that quickly, accurately measures urinary bladder volume and post-void residual (PVR) with 2D/3D ultrasound. The system integrates handheld structure, host, and probe.

Real-time Ultrasonic and Cross-section Bladder Imaging:

One real-time ultrasonic image of the patient's bladder will be displayed during scanning.

One cross-section view of the patient's bladder will be displayed during scanning.

PeakSonic M1 Bladder Scanner Example ImagePeakSonic M1 Bladder Scanner Example Screens

PeakSonic M1 Bladder Scanner Features: 
Noninvasive urinary bladder volume measurement.

Modes selection: Easy, Expert Mode, and Intelligence Mode( M2 and M2-W models).

Rapid scanning, measurement results are available within a few seconds.
Easy to learn and use. A quick and precise bladder scan can be easily accomplished.
One bladder scan image, patient information, and bladder volume value are printable. ( M1/M1-W)
Two orthorhombic images, patient information, and bladder volume value are printable.(M2/M2-W)
User-friendly capacitive touch screen.

Built-in TF storage card.
Prevent CAUTI (Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection).
Cost efficiency and save inspection time.

Voice annotation function available.
Multiple language selection.
Integrated fully sealed probe and host with 2.4-inch LCD display and touch screen.
Big data TF storage card with space for more than 10,000 cases.
Rechargeable battery with long operation and standby time.
Peaksonic M1 Ultrasonic Ultrasound Bladder Scanners for Urology side view 2021
PeakSonic M1 Bladder Scanner
PeakSonic M1 Bladder Scanner Features: 
Light-weight and easy to carry.
Patient information management software installed for reviewing, editing and printing.

Patient history information review ( M1-W/M2-W models ).

WIFI connection to the computer ( M1-W/M2-W models ).

Reduce unnecessary catheterization.

Identify the different types of urinary incontinence to determine the proper nursing.

Beneficial for post-operative recovery.


PeakSonic M1 and M2 Bladder Scanners Specifications Comparison Chart

  PeakSonic M1 2D Bladder Scanner PeakSonic M2 3D Bladder Scanner
  Peaksonic M2 Ultrasonic Bladder Scanners for Urology 02 Peaksonic M2 Ultrasonic Bladder Scanners for Urology 02
Mode of Scan 2D scan 3D scan
Probe Frequency 2.5 MHZ 2.5 MHZ
Measure Volume 0-999 ml 0-999 ml
Display & Control Touch screen Touch screen
Operation Mode Easy & Expert Modes Easy, Expert & Intelligence Modes
Language Selection Multiple Languages Multiple Languages
Battery Capacity 2600 mAh 2600 mAh
Print Mode Bluetooth printing Bluetooth printing
Data Transmission USB to PC USB to PC
Data Storage Built-in TF card Built-in TF card
Continuous Usage Continuous scanning time: >3 hrs and 20 min Continuous scanning time: >3 hrs and 20 min
Stand By Backup power >= 5 hours Backup power >= 5 hours