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Philips iU22 xMATRIX Ultrasound Special

Philips iU22 xMATRIX Ultrasound Special

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xRes adaptive processing reduces speckle noise artifacts
xRes performs real-time analysis of patterns and refines images throughout the field of view. It gives you high-quality images by enhancing borders and margins and virtually decreasing speckle noise artifact. Improves your diagnostic review and enhances your diagnostic confidence.

iSCAN saves time
iSCAN image optimization is a one-button push that automatically adjusts multiple parameters to quickly achieve optimal image quality in 2D, color and Doppler exams.

Full range of transducers to meet your examination needs
Choose from broadband, volume sector, linear-array, curved linear array, TEE and Doppler pencil transducers to fit your needs.

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Voice-controlled operation
Philips iCommand voice recognition knows over 2300 commands. Voice-controlled operation reduces awkward scanning positions, provides imaging flexibility, and leaves both hands free for scanning and patient manipulation.

4D Imaging* for breathtaking 4D studies
Move seamlessly through 2D and Doppler modes right into breathtaking 4D studies. The system's powerful architecture supports continuous, quantitative volume acquisition and display, with easy, simultaneous visualization and measurement in three planes. Stunning image quality and the potential to improve your exam efficiencies by changing the way you acquire and visualize ultrasound data.

QLAB* quantifying data to enhance workflow
QLAB provides automated and objective methods for quantifying ultrasound data to enhance your workflow. A full suite of plug-ins is available to customize QLAB’s capabilities to suit your needs.

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Enhanced ergonomics for user convenience

From the adjustable monitor and control panel to the easy-to-access transducer connectors and highly maneuverable cart, this system was designed for user comfort. The LCD flat panel may help reduce eye strain, and the independent height adjustment options facilitate neutral working positions and may reduce repetitive stress injuries.