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Chison SonoBook 9 Vet Ultrasound For Sale

Chison Sonobook 9 Vet Ultrasound Specifications:

15″ high resolution LED monitor
Start-up in less than 1 minute
Shut-down in less than 15 seconds
Durable Laptop design
Lightweight chassis under 12lbs with battery
Supports 27 ultrasound transducers
Intelligent patient data management
Internal Solid State Hard Drive
Prospective and Retrospective Saving
Auto-ambient lighting adjustments for indoor or outdoor use
3 built-in USB ports
Extended Cardiac Package: ECG Software, CW, Free Steering M, Color M, TDI
Custom calculations, settings, and presets

Chison SonoBook 9 Vet Ultrasound Imaging Features:

High-End cardiovascular imaging
Compound imaging
Speckle Reduction Imaging
Stress Echo
Automatic Image Optimization
Auto Measurements
Auto-trace follicle measurement
Fetal profile, 4D multi-slice

Chison Sonobook 9 Vet Ultrasound Example Video

Short video clip of a Chison SonoBook 9 VET ultrasound imaging a mouse abdomen.


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