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Universal Diagnostic Solutions is the Veterinary Industry’s Trusted Source for Portable Ultrasound Machines

We offer only the highest quality, reliable new and used portable veterinary ultrasound systems from most major manufacturers including GE, Philips, SonoSite, Edan, Wisonic, SonoScape, Samsung Medison, Chison, Mindray, WELLD, DRAMINSKI and more. Whether you are interested in integrating a portable vet ultrasound system for large animal, or small, we are here to provide invaluable training and support.

CX50 image  

Philips CX50 Veterinary Ultrasound

Philips CX50 veterinary portable ultrasound machine provides excellent quality vet imaging on the go.
ge vivid i ultrasound BT12 0  

GE Vivid i Veterinary Ultrasound

GE Vivid i veterinary portable ultrasound machine for optimum quality vet imaging with mobile in mind.
02 mindray m7 premium  

Mindray M7 Veterinary Ultrasound

Equipped with advanced technologies, the Mindray M7 is the best choice for professionals putting quality first.
logiq e bt12 ultrasound system  

GE Logiq e Veterinary Ultrasound

GE Logiq e veterinary portable ultrasound machine for incredible quality vet imaging in a laptop sized system.
 edan dus 60 ultrasound machine 275  

EDAN DUS 60 Vet Ultrasound

The EDAN DUS 60 is an impressive ultrasound system providing superb value with its PW Doppler capabilities.
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UDS is the direct source for portable veterinary ultrasound machines specializing in sales, service, support, and training.

Call us today for unbiased portable ultrasound reviews, and packages tailored specifically to your veterinary practice. We offer specialized veterinary ultrasound training solutions to help you integrate ultrasound to your veterinary practice quickly and easily.

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We’re happy to provide valuable information and answers to questions.

If you’re interested in portable veterinary ultrasound reviews, ask us for unbiased information regarding image quality, system reliability, workflow and professional suggestions to help you choose the best portable veterinary ultrasound machine for your specific application.

Let our veteran technicians, in-house sonographers, and knowledgeable staff work with you to ensure you receive the best portable ultrasound system for your specific needs. Call UDS now to receive current information on portable veterinary ultrasound systems, we’ll help you make an informed decision.

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