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Introducing the ALPINION X-CUBE i9 Portable Ultrasound

Enhance Your Practice with Uncompromising Excellence

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03 Alpinion XCUBE i9 Ultrasound on a Mobile Trolley Cart 2

ALPINION X-CUBE Ultrasound on Mobile Trolley Cart

Are you a dedicated healthcare professional seeking to elevate your diagnostic capabilities? Look no further than the ALPINION X-CUBE i9 Portable Ultrasound. This cutting-edge ultrasound system offers unparalleled mobility, an intuitive workflow, intelligent clinical applications, and efficient diagnostic solutions. With its advanced features, the X-CUBE i9 empowers healthcare practitioners to reach new heights in patient care, delivering best-in-class imaging clarity and accuracy to confidently support critical diagnoses.

 Alpinion XCUBE i9 Ultrasound Sonographer with Patient During Guided Injection Procedure

ALPINION XCUBE Ultrasound for Guided Injections


ALPINION X-CUBE i9 Ultrasound Key Features:

Exceptional Imaging Quality for Versatile Diagnostic Performance

The laptop-style X-CUBE i9 is equipped with DUAL active transducer ports, DUAL battery capacities, and an array of intelligent diagnostic technologies. Driven by Alpinion's high-resolution "X+ Architecture" imaging platform, this performance-based ultrasound unit caters to a wide range of clinical specialties. This next-generation ultrasound system enables clinicians to enhance both the volume and quality of patient engagement, streamline diagnostic workflows, and reduce user fatigue and dependency.


alpinion xcube i9 echo auto EF stress echo

ALPINION XCUBE Ultrasound with Echo Package Including Auto EF, CUBE Strain, Stress Echo


Streamlined Workflow with X+ Assistant

With X+ Assistant, keystrokes are reduced by over 50%, significantly cutting examination time. Optimal scanning protocols are automatically registered according to application-specific guidelines, allowing users to optimize their workflow effortlessly.

Real-time Image Comparison with X+ Compare

Users can import previously acquired images from a PACS or hard disk and compare them with the current image in real-time scan and E-view mode for thorough reviewing. (Note: X+ Compare supports ultrasound studies only.)


Alpinion XCUBE i9 Ultrasound Doctor Nurse with Patient During Guided Injection Procedure

ALPINION X-CUBE Ultrasound Being Used for Guided Injection of the Wrist


Power Preset for Quick Imaging Setup

Load system presets saved in advance with a single button click, minimizing imaging setup time and ensuring consistency in diagnostic quality.

Real-time Image Optimization with Xpeed™

Achieve quick optimization of images in 2D Mode and Spectrum Doppler Mode by pressing the Xpeed™ button once. Detect, predict, and adjust dynamic range levels in real-time for enhanced image clarity.

USB Real-time Recording for Easy Data Transfer

Simplify data transfer by recording ultrasound scan images in real time on USB memory. Videos are captured in high definition and stored in the system promptly.


Alpinion XCUBE i9 Ultrasound Sonographer with Patient During Exam Examination

ALPINION X-CUBE i9 Ultrasound Being Used for Examination of Knee


Intuitive User Interface

Our intuitive user interface design, featuring icons and illustrations, makes the X-CUBE i9 easy to use, even for users unfamiliar with ultrasound devices.

Crystal Clear Imaging Quality with X+ Architecture

The X-CUBE i9 is equipped with the X+ Architecture, innovative imaging algorithms, and an efficient diagnosis workflow, ensuring crystal clear imaging quality. Signal enhancement from the X+ Crystal Signature and high-resolution images generated by X+ FIT technology allow for reliable diagnoses across various applications.

High-frequency Transducers for Enhanced Clarity

The ultra-high frequency linear transducer, L10-25H, provides clear and accurate display of superficial regions, such as the small saphenous vein and peroneal nerve.


Alpinion XCUBE i9 Ultrasound on a Mobile Trolley Cart Being Transported to Next Exam Room RGB

ALPINION X-CUBE i9 Ultrasound Being Transported to the Next Exam Room on a Mobile Cart


Enhanced Signal Processing with PTHI

PTHI technology minimizes signal loss and improves signal bandwidth from the transducer. This minimizes artifacts and enhances resolution, contrast, and signal-to-noise ratio for precise lesion detection without distortion.

Expand Flexibility and Adaptability

The X-CUBE i9 frees you from time and space constraints, allowing you to focus more on your patients. Long-lasting batteries and dual transducers provide examination flexibility, while intelligent options streamline the examination process, reducing operator dependency and maximizing efficiency.


03 Alpinion XCUBE i9 Ultrasound Overview Diagram

ALPINION XCUBE Ultrasound System Overview


Additional Features

  • Two transducer holders and one gel holder
  • Two Transducer connectors (Optional)
  • Fast system boot-up: 15 seconds from sleep mode and 62 seconds from off mode
  • 15.6-inch LCD monitor
  • Dual Batteries: Two Built-in Batteries (Optional) with a maximum of 100 hours in sleep mode and 60 minutes of continuous scan
  • Easy height adjustment: 848 - 998 mm with a smooth and silent gas lift cylinder
  • System Weight: Approximately 6 kg (with one battery); Cart Weight: 22.5 kg


Alpinion XCUBE i9 Ultrasound in a Travel Case with Wheels

ALPINION X-CUBE i9 Ultrasound Being Packed in a Carrying Case for Easy Transportation


Expanded Capabilities, Elevated Accuracy

The X-CUBE i9 offers best-in-class technology to automatically recognize slow blood flow and detect structures for precise measurements or motility confirmation. It enhances diagnostic accuracy in internal medicine, musculoskeletal, point-of-care, and advanced medical facilities.


alpinion xcube i9 needle vision

ALPINION X-CUBE i9 Ultrasound with Needle Vision Plus for Visualizing the Shape and Orientation of a Needle During Injections.


Advanced Imaging Modes

  • X+ MicroView: Display micro blood flow for accurate diagnosis of low-speed blood flow in tiny blood vessels.
  • Needle Vision™ Plus: Use Beam Steering technology to view needles clearly by adjusting the beam angle.
  • Virtual Convex: Provides a larger field of view in the far field on linear transducers.
  • Panoramic Imaging: Offers an extended field of view in a horizontal image.
  • Auto IMT: Automatically measures carotid intima media thickness and displays it on the screen.
  • Echo Package: Includes Auto EF, CUBE Strain™, and Stress Echo for automated left ventricle contractile function analysis.


ALPINION X-CUBE i9 Ultrasound Transducers:


Alpinion SC1 7H XCUBE i9 Ultrasound Convex Transducer

Alpinion SC1-7H Convex Transducer
X+Crystal Signature™
High-Density Single Crystal Convex
Abdomen, OB/GYN, Pediatric,
Urology, EM


Alpinion ECV2 11H XCUBE i9 Ultrasound Endocavity Transducer

Alpinion EC(V)2-11H Endocavity Transducer
X+Crystal Signature™
High Density Single Crystal Endocavity
Small tip, FOV Max. 230°
OB/GYN, Urology, EM


Alpinion SL3 19H L3 8H L10 25H XCUBE i9 Ultrasound Linear Transducer Options

Alpinion SL3-19H Linear Transducer
X+Crystal Signature™
High-Density Single Crystal Linear,
Seamless window
MSK, Vascular, Small Parts, Pediatric, EM

Alpinion L3-8H Linear Transducer
High-Density Low-Frequency Linear
Breast, EM, MSK, Vascular, Small Parts

Alpinion L10-25H Linear Transducer
Wideband Ultra High Freq. Linear
Seamless window
MSK, Vascular, Small Parts, EM


Alpinion MP1 5X XCUBE i9 Ultrasound Phased Array Transducer

Alpinion MP1-5X Phased Array Transducer
X+Crystal Signature™
Phased Array
Fetal, Abdomen, Pediatric, Adult Cephalic,
Cardiac, Peripheral vessel


Alpinion CW20 CW50 XCUBE i9 Ultrasound Pencil Transducer Options

Alpinion CW2.0 Pencil Transducer
Pencil Typed

Alpinion CW5.0 Pencil Transducer
Pencil Typed


Experience the future of ultrasound with the ALPINION X-CUBE i9 Portable Ultrasound. Elevate your practice, enhance patient care, and achieve diagnostic excellence with this state-of-the-art solution. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demonstration.








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