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Unveiling the SIUI CTS-8800 Plus Ultrasound: Elevating Your Ultrasound Experience

Step into the future of ultrasound technology with the CTS-8800 Plus, a new-generation platform that redefines excellence in medical imaging. This remarkable system boasts a host of enhancements, including a 15-inch medical LCD display, optional built-in lithium battery, and a significant boost in black-and-white imaging capabilities.


1 SIUI CTS 8800 Plus BW Ultrasound Medical Exam Scanner 02 top view

Top view of the SIUI CTS-8800 PLUS ultrasound control panel. (Shown above)


Experience the Clarity of Speckle Reduction Technology: Our innovative speckle reduction technology serves as your trusty companion, actively reducing noise and artifacts to deliver purified tissue shading and precision in edging. It excels at enhancing contrast resolution and facilitating the early identification of tissue and structural lesions.


3 SIUI CTS 8800 Ultasound Machine with Fetal Face

View of the SIUI CTS-8800 PLUS ultrasound displaying a 4D fetal clinical exam scan. (Shown above)


Elevate Imaging with Spacial Compound Technology: Say goodbye to echo artifacts and welcome a new era of spatial resolution improvement. Our Spacial Compound Imaging technology employs multi-directional beamforming to scan your target from various angles, delivering exceptionally clear results.

Design Excellence Meets Mobility: The CTS-8800 Plus features a compact and ergonomic design, complete with a 15-inch medical LCD and a built-in lithium battery for unparalleled mobility. The included trolley ensures that your ultrasound machine can effortlessly accompany you wherever your practice demands.


4 SIUI CTS 8800 Ultasound Machine with Fetal Faces

Six example clinical ultrasound scans were taken using a SIUI CTS-8800 PLUS ultrasound displaying a 4D fetal ear and face with carotid shown using PW mode, hepatorenal, and thyroid scans. (Shown above)


Advanced OB/GYN 4D Imaging and Beyond: Prepare to be amazed by our updated OB/GYN 4D function, which delivers outstanding imaging quality, rivaling even color Doppler mode. Experience the versatility of multi-rendering mode, which includes surface X-Ray and Max modes, along with high-quality auto 3D imaging for comprehensive diagnostics.

Pulse Wave Doppler Module: The CTS-8800 Plus takes your capabilities to new heights with its support for the Pulse Wave Doppler module. Dive into the world of vascular and cardiology quantitative analysis, enabling precise and detailed assessments.


SIUI CTS 8800 Plus Ultrasound 7

Example clinical ultrasound scans were taken using a SIUI CTS-8800 PLUS ultrasound. (Shown above)


Auto-Fit for Ultimate Precision: The CTS-8800 Plus brings you Auto-Fit, a feature designed to reduce noise and artifacts, enhance tissue shading, and sharpen edges, ultimately improving contrast resolution and streamlining the early identification of tissue and structural lesions.

Choose the CTS-8800 Plus and embrace the future of ultrasound technology. With its cutting-edge features and exceptional mobility, it empowers you to deliver precise, high-quality diagnostics for your patients, ensuring the utmost in healthcare excellence.



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