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GE Vivid q Ultrasound For Sale

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System Description: Vivid q builds on the many innovative features and technologies of the Vivid line with performance, quantitative analysis tools, and a wide range of applications. Perform robust, comprehensive diagnostic exams.
Get comprehensive, real-time diagnostic results—in any clinical environment. The versatility of shared service applications helps provide convenience to patients and operators.

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• 2D Imaging
• CW Doppler
• Smart Depth Technology
• Coded Octave Imaging
• Tissue Tracking (TT)
• Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI)
• Automated Function Imaging (AFI)
• Tissue Synchronization Imaging (TSI)
• Intracardiac Echo Imaging (ICE)
• Integrated Stress Echo
• Deep penetration in Cardiac and Vascular/Small Parts imaging
• Excellent image quality
• CrossXBeam
• SRI Speckle Reduction Imaging
• Triplex Imaging
• 15” LCD
• Internal Hard Drive
• Export to digital media such as DVD, Flash Drive, Hard Drive, Network
• Tissue Harmonic imaging
• High-Resolution Zoom
• Auto Tissue Optimization
• Full range of cardiac, convex, TEE, and linear transducers
• Full DICOM connectivity

Additional Options:
Tissue Tracking, Tissue Velocity Imaging, Blood Flow Imaging (B-Flow), TSI Tissue Syncronization Imaging, Automated Ejection-Fraction calculation, Stress Echo, Contrast Imaging, IMT Measurement Program, Quantitave Analysis Q-Analysis), LVO Contrast, and LogiqView (panoramic imaging)

vivid q ge ultrasound machine for sale on a cart with probe or transducer included
GE Vivid q Ultrasound Machine Configured with Wheeled Trolley Cart, Transducer, and Gel

Data Acquisition
• Customizable system architecture
• App-specific Channel Architecture
o Uses a flexible digital beam capable of using up to 1024 channels
o Supports Phased Array, Linear and Curved Array, TEE, 2D-ICE and non-imaging Pencil transducers
o Access focusing, aperture, apodization and frequency response as a constant variable as a function of depth
o Wide aperture mode in convex or linear array probes

Data Processing
• Easy to upgrade
• Echo data processing for frequency, amplitude and phase
• Digital raw replay for post processing imaging and offline analysis and measurements

• 15-inch flat screen, high resolution
• 1600 x 1200 pixels with
• Scanner resolution 800 x 600 pixel
• Screen can be tilted from 0-180 degreses
• Easily adjust digital brightness, contrast and blue-tint for optimal ciewing
• Closing screen puts system into standby mode for fast boot when opened

vivid q ge ultrasound machine for sale patient exam example image
Display Format Types
• Display 12 simultaneous loops or images in the instant review screen
• Scanplane position indicator and probe temperature display with al multi-plane TEE probes
• Image orientation marker
• Choose from several duplex and triplex modes
• Choose from single, dual or quad screen view or split screen view

Display Annotations
• Mechanical Index (MI)
• Thermal index: application dependant
• Hospital name, patient name and ID
• Time and date
• Trackball-driven annotation arrows
• Application
• Probe Name
• Stress protocol parameters
• Active mode display
• Multi-lanugage support

Vivid q ultrasound machine by GE scan of of Tissue Synchronization Imaging

Tissue Imaging

• Choose from variable transmit frequencies for optimal resolution/penetration
• Variable contour filing and variable dynamic range and power settings
• Depth range up to 30 cm – probe specific
• Varaible grayscale parameters that can be adjusted in live, digital replay and image clipboard recall
• Automatically calculated TGC
• Selectable Automatic Tissue Optimization (ATO)
• Optional Smart Depth for 2D

• Width control and sector tilt
• Coded octave imaging
• Confocal imaging for multiple transmit focal zones
• Increased cardiology performance with the M4S-RS probe
• All linear and convex probes include harmonic tissue imagin
• Improved cardiac IQ with Adaptive reject
• Ultra-Definition Speckle Reduction Imaging (UD-SRI) in vascular 2D images
• Better contrast resolution with Coded Phase Inversion (CPI)
• Variable image wide for increasing frame rate or number of focal zones
• Multiple angle compound imaging for combining images taken at different angles into a single image
• Dual focus for added spatial and contrast resolution
• L/R and up/down invert capability
• Retrospective review or automatic looping of images available via digital replay
• Data Dependent Processing (DDP) for temporal processing

• Trackball controlled M-mode available with all imaging probes
• Digital reply for retrospect review
• Choose from several top-bottom formats, adjustable in live or digital replay mode
• Selectable horizontal scroll speed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 seconds
• Adustable horizontal scroll in live or digital replay mode

Anatomical M-Mode
• Adjust M-mode cursor at any plane
• Any plane M-mode display is derived from 2D cine loop
• Activate from real time scan, image clipboard or digital replay
• Includes functionality for measurement and analysis
• Optional Anatomical tissue velocity M-mode

Vivid q ultrasound machine by GE example exam scan

Color Doppler

• Probe dependent max steering angle
• Trackball controlled ROI
• Available digital replay for later review of color or color M-mode data for parameter adjustment
• User selectable PRF setting s
• Advanced regression wall filter for clutter suppression
• 65,000+ simultaneous colors for smoothest display
• Simultaneous display of grayscale 2D and 2D with color flow in live or digital review mode
• Multivariate color priority function works even across bright areas

Color Doppler Imaging
• Maintain a high frame rate with digital signal process power that works even in very low PRF settings
• Variable ROI size in depth and width
• Reduce statistical uncertainty with user-selectable radial and lateral averaging
• Data Dependent Processing (DDP) for tempeoral processing and display smoothing
• Review or automatically loop color images for easily parameter adjustment in digital replay mode
• Reduce flash artifacts with application-dependent multivariate motion discriminator
• Optional Smart Dept for automatic adjustment to depth of color ROI

Color Angio (Color Intensity Imaging)
• Increased sensitivity for visualization of smaller vessels

Color M-mode
• Variable, user selectable ROI length and position
• Selectiable horizontal scroll speed
• Real-time 2D image available while in color M-mode
• Access same controls and functions as in standard 2D color Doppler

Anatomical Color M-mode
• Patented any plane color M-mode display taken from color Doppler cine loop
• Use in Real-time scan, digital replay or image clipboard recall modes
• Optional use for Tissue Velocity Imaging
• Capability for measurement and analysis

Anatomical Color M-mode
• Patented, any plane color M-mode display pulled from color Doppoler cine loop
• Use in real-time scan, digital replay or image clipboard recall mode
• Optional use in Tissue Velocity Imaging
• Analysis and measurement capability

B-Flow (optional)
• Offers real-time visualization of vascular hemodynamics
• Directly visualizes blood reflectors and presents information in a grayscale display
• Uses GE-patented techniques to boost blood echoes and preferentially suppress non-moving tissues signals
• Available for most vascular and shared service applications

Vivid q ultrasound machine by GE scan of of Tissue Synchronization Imaging
Spectral Doppler


• Use in PW, HPRF and CW modes
• Probe dependent, trackball steerable Doppler available with all probes
• Choose from real-time duplex or triplex operation in PW Doppler mode
• Spectral analysis at comparable DFT rate of 0.2 ms
• Automatic Spectrum Optimization (ASO) for single press, automatic, real0time optimization of PQ or CW spectrum scale and baseline display
• Digital replay mode available for review of spectral Doppler data
• Choose from several top-bottom formats, side by side formats or time-motion formats
• Selection horizontal scroll speeds can be adjusted in live or digital replay
• Parameters include gain, reject, compress and color maps
• Adjustable velocity and baseline
• Wall filter range: 10-3000 Hz
• Stereo speakers included

PW/HPRF Doppler Mode
• Maintains sensitivity even when used in shallow depths
• Digital velocity tracking processes in range and time for quality spectral displays
• Sample volume size adjustable from 1-15 mm
• Maximum sample volume depth of 30 cm

Tissue Doppler Imaging
• Access real-time Doppler spectral information for myocardial motion and instant tissue velocity measuremnets

CW Doppler
• Very sensitive steerable CW available with all phased array probes

Tissue Velocity Imaging & Tissue Tracking (option)
• Provides color overlay on tissue image with Myocardial Doppler imaging
• Acquire Tissue Doppler data in the background with regular 2D imaging
• Access segmental wall motion analysis with anatomical M-mode from the digital replay or image clipboard recall
• Remove the Tissue color overlay and show just the 2D image
• Q-Analysis can be pulled from data transferred to an EPPC workstation

Tissue Tracking (option)
• Show a real-time display of the time integral for TVI for the quantitative display of myocardial systolic displacement
• Calcuate and display Myocardial displacement as a color-coded overlay

Tissue Synchronization Imaging (TSI)
• Get informationn on synchronicity of myocardial motion via parametric imaging
• Available in live scanning mode and from offline calculations from TVI data

Automated Function Imaging (AFI option)
• Parametric Imaging tool provides quantitative data for global and segmental wall motion
• Get a complete assessment at a glance by combining three longitudinal views into one comprehensive view
• Integrated into M&A package with worksheet summary
• 2D strain-based data for clinical practice

Vivid q ultrasound machine by GE 2D and 2D color flow of APLAX view

Cine Memory
• Run cine loops to review loops and images
• Utilizes TruScan architecture for board post-processing capabilities
• Contains up to 180,000 frames
• Select Image Clipboard for thumbnail storage and review of stored images and loops
• Trackball-controlled cine review

Physiological Traces
• External ECG or integrated ECG lead input
• Includes high resolution display of the ECG trace
• Automatic QRS complex detection
• User-customizable gain/position control over ECG trace

Vivid q ultrasound machine by GE scan patient examination

User Interface

Operator Keyboard
• Intelligent keyboard that is easy to learn and use
• Application-specific push buttons for easy control
• Full-size alphanumeric keyboard
• Six pots for slide pot TGC curve calculations
• Digital harvesting of images and loops into image clipboard
• Easily accessible patient information screen for entering demographic data and reviewing image clipboard
• Customizable user presets for the probe/application default settings
• Supports 12 international (European) keyboard character sets (ISO 8859)
• Integrated system speakers
• Adjustable carrying handle

Analysis Program
• Measurement protocols that can be personalized for individual set and order or measurement and analyis
• Seamless labeling of measurements through protocols or post assingments
• Easily position and locate probe with body mark icons
• Extensive measurements and displays available with the Cardiac calculation package
• Vascular measurements
• ASE standard-based parameter annotation
• Doppler auto trace functionality
• Seamlessly store data and create reports
• Summarize measurement in worksheets with ability to edit or delete
• Customizable, onboard report templates
• View images during report and export reports in PDF format
• Generate report tempaltes via the Report Designer or import form EchoPAC PC

Vivid q ultrasound machine by GE Automated Function Imaging with bulls eye
Stress Echo (option)
• For pharmaceutical, exercise and bicycle stress exam protocols
• Includes user-configurable templates and shuffle mode
• Smart Stress functionality allows for saving of over 17 imaging parameters from each imaging plane
• Advanced, flexible stress-echo examination capabilities
• Treadmill-stress exercise with over 120 seconds of raw data capture
• Wall motion scoring includes bullseye and segmental
• Customized the number of stress levels, view, heart cycles and systolic or full-cycle capture with the Template Editor

IMT Measurement Program (option)
• Automatically measure carotid artery Intima-Media Thickness (IMT) on any frame
• Access non-interrupted workflow with M& A, worksheet and reporting functions via the on-board IMT package
• Robust algorithm for fast, dependable measurements
• Make IMT measurements form frozen images or those take from the archive
vivid q ge ultrasound machine for sale patient exam example image 2

Advanced Options

Contrast Imaging

Always use contrast agents in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
LVO Contrast (option)
• Available on the following probes: M4S-RS, 5S-RS, 6T-RS and 6Tc-RS
• Enhances delineation of the LV border in combination with the ultrasound contrast agents
• Provides high resolution detection of contrast in the LV cavity

Vascular/ Abdominal Contrast (option)
• For 8l-RS and 12:-RS probes: Coded Phase Inversion allows for improved detection and resolution of vascular contrast imaging
• Abdominal contrast (for use with 4C-RS probe) utilizes Code Phase Inversion for optimal contrast imaging

GE Vivid q Transducers

vivid q ge ultrasound machine for sale available probes transducers options

Wideband Probes

Phased Array Sector Probes:
M4S-RS, 1.5-3.6 MHz
5S-RS, 2.0-5.0 MHz
6S-RS, 2.7-8.0 MHz
7S-RS, 3.5-8.0 MHz
10S-RS, 4.0-11.5 MHz

Linear Array Probes:
8L-RS, 4.0-13.0 MHz
12L-RS, 4.0-13.0 MHz

Convex Array (Curved) Probes:
4C-RS, 1.8-6.0 MHz
8C-RS, 5.0-13.0 MHz

Intra-operative Probes:
i1SL-RS, 5.0-13.0 MHZ

Doppler Pencil Probes:
2D(p2D)-RS, 2.0 MHz
6D(P6D)-RS, 6.0 MHz

Multiplane Transesophageal Phased Array Probes:
6T-RS, 2.9-8.0 MHz
6Tc-RS, 2.9-8.0 MHz
9T-TS, 4.0-10.0 MHz

Intra-Cardiac ICE Probes:
ACUSON AcuNac 10F, 4.5-11.5 MHz, Distributed by BEI for Siemens

ICE Probe Connector
SwiftLine ICE probe connector for use of ACUSON AcuNav 10F ICE probe on Vivid q

TEE Probe Adaptor
For use with multi-plane TEE RS probe on other Vivid systems