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Obstetric and gynecologic studies can be performed with a basic portable ultrasound system to evaluate and visualize the fetus, uterus, ovaries and surrounding tissues. Pelvic ultrasound is performed routinely during pregnancy examinations to determine causes of infertility, pelvic pain or abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Women with uncomplicated pregnancies (Level 1) are generally referred for an ultrasound during pregnancy for routine assessment of gestational age, fetal size and growth using a real-time ultrasound scanner. High-risk or complicated pregnancies (Level 3) will require higher-end portable ultrasound units with Color Doppler, detailed resolution and more imaging enhancement features. Many defects and complications of the fetal anatomy can be identified using ultrasound during the pregnancy.

For gynecological sonography, an abdominal sonogram is performed with a full bladder. If the pelvic ultrasound shows any pathology, or does not provide a clear image of the organs, a transvaginal ultrasound is performed to better visualize the uterus and ovaries. In general, ultrasound can detect inflammation, free fluid, cysts, and tumors in the pelvic region. Be it level 1 or level 3 OB exams​, there is a portable ultrasound to meet your clinical and budgetary needs.

logiq e 275px


GE Logiq e

ge nextgen loqiq e R7

GE Logiq e NextGen


01 GE V2 portable ultrasound machine

GE Logiq V2


ge venue 50 portable touch screen ultrasound machine 275

GE Logiq Venue 50


sonoscape E2 ultrasound 275

Sonoscape E2



Edan DUS 60


EDAN U60 350px

Edan U60


00 titan initial

SonoSite Titan


micromaxx 275

SonoSite Micromaxx


M7 large

Mindray M7


mindray dp 20 ultrasound system

Mindray DP-20


DP 30

Mindray DP-30

mindray dp 50

Mindray DP-50

0 mindray z5 portable ultasound system ob

Mindray Z5

Mindray Z6 portable ultrasound machine

Mindray Z6