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Mindray Vetus E7 Veterinary Ultrasound For Sale

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Mindray Vetus E7 Veterinary Ultrasound System Description:

Mindray Vetus E7 is a new Color Doppler Echo System for 2021 that has stunned the veterinary ultrasound imaging industry with its excellent image quality, depth, and penetration. It is the first Mindray portable ultrasound system to incorporate ZST+ technology, a solution used in larger imaging systems known for premium veterinary imaging.

Small animal diagnostic ultrasound imaging solution for feline, small-sized canine and exotic small animals including:

Superficial & SMP


Large animal diagnostic ultrasound imaging solution for big-sized canine, equine, bovine, ovine and exotic big animals including:

MSK & Tendon


Mindray E7 Ultrasound Vet Veterinary Exams Examinations Imaging Diagnostics Front Trolly Stand

Mindray Vetus E7 Ultrasound Machine for Veterinarians



Features of the New Mindray Vetus E7 Ultrasound:

A highly integrated miniaturized ZST platform provides image clarity and advanced application potentiality. The first portable vet ultrasound powered by ZST with dedicated veterinary presets.  

mindray e7 ultrasound 02
Cutting-edge Transducer Technology

Advanced Acoustic Acquisition

By transmitting and receiving a relatively smaller number of larger zones, Advanced Acoustic Acquisition extracts more information from each acquisition, 10 times faster than a conventional line-by-line beamforming method.

Dynamic Pixel Focusing

Dynamic Pixel Focusing technology allows the Vetus E7 to achieve extreme uniformity at the pixel level throughout the entire field of view. Now there's no need to adjust the focal position to achieve uniformity across patient exams.

 mindray e7 ultrasound 01



Dedicated Veterinary Image Presets

Preset according to different animals' body characteristics (canine, feline, equine, bovine, ovine, and customized species )

Animals subdivided to different categories by weight and body size (Dog: <5 kg. 5-15 kg. >15 kg. ) for precise and easier diagnosis

 mindray e7 ultrasound 03



Cutting-edge Veterinary Transducer

mindray e7 ultrasound 18

Full-range 3T technology

Better acoustic energy conversion

Better penetration and resolution

ComboWave technology for linear

Better Spatial/Contrast Resolution

Better Image Uniformity

 mindray e7 ultrasound 04



Advanced processing algorithm

HD Scope

By processing channel data multiply and retrospectively, HD Scope can improve the detail information and image contrast in specific areas maximally.

Clinical Benefits: Enhancing the display of small lesions and organs, better definition of the boundary between lesion and surrounding tissue.

mindray e7 ultrasound 05


HR Flow

Effectively improve the dynamics of blood flow, so that the blood flow has better hemodynamic performance and provides high performance on both penetration and resolution.

Clinical benefits: Slow blood flow detection for better and accurate vessel profile. High spatial resolution for less overflow.

mindray e7 ultrasound 06



Echo Boost

A technique specifically designed to optimize and enhance myocardial tissue, which can effectively improve the contrast between the myocardium and the heart, and improve the display of the intimal boundary.

Better homogeneity of entire FOV.

Better contrast of tissue layers.

Better noise control in chambers and myocardium.

mindray e7 ultrasound 07



Efficient Workflow

Clear information present.

Friendly user interface.

Smart scanning protocols for the vet.

Intelligent Scanning Helper.

Unique three-screen design and user-friendly interaction to get what you want straightforward.


Mindray E7 Ultrasound Vet Veterinary Exams Examinations Imaging Diagnostics Front Trolly Stand Mobile Portable Cart

Mindray Vetus E7 Veterinarian Ultrasound Machine on Mobile Trolley Cart



Clear Information Present with Three Screens

Main screen

15.6-inch IPS display.

More than 71% screen ratio.

External screen

Viewing battery status anytime, even while the system is off.

Wake up without contact.

Touch screen

12.3-inch, IPS touch screen with wide viewing angle.

Customized contents displaying.

 mindray e7 ultrasound 10



Friendly UI design – Advanced, professional, and easy-to-use

Fewer boxes and fields make the UI interface tidy and clean.

Full screen with large image area.

Transducers and exams in the same page, select or switch within 1 second.

Intuitive animal icon design for easy and quick selection.

 mindray e7 ultrasound 11



Friendly UI design – User-Centric design.

Provides what you want based on usage scene to create an easy-to-use, effective, and user-friendly experience.

Customized adjustment based on customer personalization.

Reduce the operation steps according to the daily work procedure.

Different from other customizations in preset, but fully customization on the interface like smartphones.

 mindray e7 ultrasound 12



Smart Scanning Protocols for VET– iWorks

Standardize and simplify the workflow, let you be more focused on the animal care.

Automatically add annotation, body mark, and measurement.

Reduce up to 50% exam time and 80% keystrokes.

 mindray e7 ultrasound 08



Intelligent Scanning Helper – Vet Experts Around You

Dedicated built-in educational tool, providing users with guidance on 'how & what ‘ for ultrasound scanning.

Anatomical diagram illustrations including schematic and ultrasound pictures.

Standard ultrasonogram comparison with real-time scanning.

Scanning reference picture demonstrating appropriate patient position and probe placement.

Tips on scanning skills and diagnostic information.

 mindray e7 ultrasound 09



E7 Ultrasound Design Features

Protective design for Veterinary Practice.

Lightweight main unit.

Easy-to-move mobile trolley.

One day scanning companion.

Splash-resistant control panel for reliable cleaning and disinfection.

Touch screen and touchpad.

Anti-liquid and anti-hair.

Seamless button.

Durable label design.

High-quality magnesium-alloy materials selection with high chemical resistance and durability.

 mindray e7 ultrasound 14




Ergonomic design – Extreme Mobility

3kg main unit 44mm Thickness: The lightest and thinnest in the industry.

Ergonomic design – Easy to move by mobile trolley


mindray e7 ultrasound 19 mindray e7 ultrasound 20



Vetus E7 Mobile Trolley Cart

Slim design

“X” ultra-small chassis, free to enter narrow space and rotate

Vibration-reducing casters, adapt to various road conditions

Cable management

Transducer cable management avoiding wheel rolling over

 mindray e7 ultrasound 17


Main unit and transducers protected by solid handles, holders, and casters while moving.

8 hours scanning powered by U-Bank.

1.5 hours scanning by only using main unit battery.

 mindray e7 ultrasound 16



Ergonomic design - High usability design

Well-designed control panel

Touch screen and touchpad for efficient cleaning.
Simple control panel layout for easy operation with few keystrokes.
Central symmetry for both left-handed and right-handed users.

Wake and Scan

Open the monitor within 10min, system magically wakes up to real-time imaging.
185 ° angle adjusting.

Special transducer holder

For easily putting on the sterile cover by one operator. Essential Solution: Professional and comprehensive VET applications, making clinicians' daily work easy and accurate.

 mindray e7 ultrasound 21



Comprehensive Abdominal Application - Premium level Cardiac Solution

Smart cardiac assessment solution – TDI and TDI QA

Tissue Doppler Imaging modes.
Support comprehensive Tissue Doppler Imaging modes (Tissue Velocity Imaging, Tissue Velocity Motion, Tissue Velocity Doppler and Tissue Energy Imaging).
Support TDI quantitative analysis tool (Dedicated quantification tool for TDI velocity, strain, strain rate).

mindray e7 ultrasound 22



Smart cardiac assessment solution – Tissue Tracking and QA

Track myocardial contraction by detection of the 2D speckle patterns; provide LV regional movement abnormities diagnostic.
Accurate tracking results even for difficult patients.
Fast multiple quantification parameters such as Bull’s eye scoring.
Velocity display method selectable including vector and point.

mindray e7 ultrasound 23



Smart cardiac assessment solution – Auto EF

Automatic measurement of EDV/ESV/EF etc. results on 2D echo clips by Simpson method.
Automatically recognize A2C or A4C.
Automatically recognize the border of the endocardium.
Automatically recognize diastole and systole frames.

mindray e7 ultrasound 26




2nd generation needle enhancement technology for easy needle approach to target and enhanced accuracy for In-plane procedures.
Available on both linear and convex transducers.
Automatically identify the direction of needle.
Automatic needle angle tracking and optimizing by degree.

mindray e7 ultrasound 27


UWN+ Contrast Imaging
Comprehensive CEUS solutions for ABD, SMP, and VAS.
Combine both 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals for better CTR.
Support CEUS with quantitative analysis.

mindray e7 ultrasound 24



Natural Touch Elastography.
Use different colors to code different strain values, displaying the tissue stiffness for tumor evaluation.
Sensitive and less user-dependent.

 mindray e7 ultrasound 09



Mindray Vetus E7 Ultrasound Probes / Transducers 

Mindray E7 Ultrasound Transducer C5 1s

Mindray C5-1s Comprehensive Abdominal for Large Animal. Convex array transducer for abdominal and reproduction scanning in big animals.


Mindray E7 Ultrasound Transducer C11 3s

Mindray C11-3s Micro-Convex Probe for abdominal scanning and basic cardiology in cats, small dogs, and exotic animals. One-probe solution: support both abdominal and basic cardiology.


Mindray E7 Ultrasound Transducer P4 2s

Mindray P4-2s Phased Array Transducer. Good penetration phased array for Big Animal: Equine, Bovine (Over 40kg)


Mindray E7 Ultrasound Transducer P8 2s

Mindray P8-2s Phased Array Transducer. Wide-frequency range for Small Animal: Canine (Between 5 - 40kg)


Mindray E7 Ultrasound Transducer P10 4s

Mindray P10-4s Phased Array Transducer. High frequency for Small Animal: Feline (Less than 15kg)


Mindray E7 Ultrasound Transducer L13 3Ns

Mindray L13-3Ns Comprehensive Abdominal for Small Animal. ABD,SMP for Small Dogs and Cats, MSK for Equine Application.


Mindray E7 Ultrasound Transducer L14 6Ns

Mindray L14-6Ns High-frequency linear array for small parts and MSK.


Mindray E7 Ultrasound Transducer L16 4Hs

Mindray L16-4Hs Tendon and MSK for Big animals.




Mindray Vetus E7 Ultrasound System for Vets Overview




Mindray E7 Veterinary Ultrasound Example Examination Scans of Dog (Canine) Using C11-3s Micro Convex Transducer




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