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Introducing the SIUI CTS-8800 Plus Color: Pioneering Excellence in Ultrasound

Elevate your ultrasound practice with the CTS-8800 Plus Color, a new-generation marvel packed with groundbreaking features. This exceptional system boasts a 15-inch medical LCD display, an optional built-in lithium battery, and a significant enhancement in black-and-white imaging capabilities.


SIUI CT 8800 PLUS Ultrasound Sample 01

Example a 4D clinical scan taken using a SIUI CTS-8000 Plus Color ultrasound machine. (Shown above)


4D Lite - Empowering Clinical Precision: Our system introduces 4D Lite, offering exceptional 4D imaging capabilities. Embrace volumetric imaging technology that caters to obstetric 4D fetus imaging and gynecological transvaginal volumetric imaging, providing highly accurate and specific images to fulfill diverse clinical requirements.


SIUI CT 8800 PLUS Ultrasound Sample 05

Example clinical scan taken using a SIUI CTS-8000 Plus Color ultrasound machine. (Shown above)


Pulse Wave Doppler Module: Step into the world of vascular and cardiology quantitative analysis with the CTS-8800 Plus. This system supports the Pulse Wave Doppler module, unlocking detailed and precise assessments.

Panoramic Imaging - Wider Horizons: Broaden your diagnostic horizons with panoramic imaging. The system allows you to scan large tissue areas by smoothly moving the transducer, providing an extensive view that is invaluable to clinicians.

Speckle Reduction Technology - Precision Redefined: Count on our speckle reduction technology to be your ally. It actively reduces noise and artifacts, enhancing tissue shading and edging while elevating contrast resolution. This breakthrough aids in the early identification of tissue and structural lesions.


SIUI CT 8800 PLUS Ultrasound Sample 08

Example clinical scan taken using a SIUI CTS-8000 Plus Color ultrasound machine. (Shown above)


Trapezoidal Imaging - Enhanced Field of View: With trapezoidal imaging, the CTS-8800 Plus Color supports an extended field of view, delivering more image information without sacrificing image quality or necessitating probe movement.

Smart One-Key Optimization - Simplified Excellence: Our system takes convenience to a new level with smart one-key optimization. It intuitively adjusts TGC and B gain in B mode, along with baseline PRF and PW gain, all with a single press. This ensures that you effortlessly acquire the best black-and-white images and pulse wave images.


2 SIUI CT 8800 PLUS Ultrasound For Medical Exams Diagnostic Scanner Tool 02

A SIUI CTS-8800 Plus Color ultrasound machine. (Shown above)


Select the SIUI CTS-8800 Plus Color and embark on a journey of diagnostic excellence. It empowers you to provide precise, high-quality clinical assessments, positioning your practice at the forefront of healthcare innovation.


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