Musculoskeletal ( MSK ) Ultrasound Machines For Sale

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Machines

Portable ultrasound is an ideal tool for orthopedists to examine the joints and surrounding soft tissues like tendons, ligaments and joint linings.

Portable Ultrasound may also be used for guided injection and in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Musculoskeletal ultrasound is sensitive, radiation free, easily accessible, quick, and has high patient tolerability with relatively low cost.

Portable ultrasound provides real time images and dynamic assessment of the musculoskeletal system.In addition, joint aspiration and injection accuracy can be improved. A high frequency transducer is preferred and improves the image resolution to allow visualization of fine anatomic structures of the small parts.

Select an ultrasound machine for MSK imaging below to see the detailed system specifications and transducer probe types available.

01 mindray te5 ultrasound  

Minday TE5

The Mindray TE5 is a touch enabled specialty ultrasound system with a completely new design, where every detail of practical use has been taken into consideration and ultimately realized for anesthetists and physicians. 
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ge venue 50 portable touch screen ultrasound machine 275  

GE Venue 50

An intuitive user experience in a simple and fast tablet. Now offering Pinpoint™ GT technology for precise needle guidance. More accurate ultrasound needle guidance. Nearly three-quarters of ultrasound procedures at the point of care involve needle guidance. 
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edan acclarix AX7 portable ultrasound  

Edan AX7

The AX7 ultrasound system's sleek footprint contains a fully featured, diagnostic ultrasound platform with advanced imaging modes, dual touch screens, a gesture-control user interface, and a full suite of next-generation transducers that support a wide range of applications.
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Sonosite M-Turbo

The SonoSite M Turbo portable ultrasound is most popular for anesthesiology and orthopedic applications, it’s simple user interface allows physicians to complete studies quickly without much fussing with the controls.
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mindray z6 ultrasound  

Mindray Z6

The Mindray Z6 is a well-balanced ultrasound system with full shared service capabilities that demonstrates an ideal combination of image enhancing technologies, producing outstanding image quality and contrast resolution that make the Mindray Z6 the best imaging system in its class of portable Color Doppler systems. 
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1 mindray dp 50 ultrasound machine  

Mindray DP-50

The Mindray DP-50 is equipped with advanced imaging technologies allowing deeper penetration, faster image acquisition (FPS) and streamlined workflow. 
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1 chison ECO3 ultrasound machine 3  

Chison ECO3

The Chison ECO3 user interface and sophisticated software shorten exam times by keeping user inputs to a minimum, the patient management and transfer capabilities are simple to use and the image optimization features are designed to be modifiable on the fly.
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