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Are you wondering "How can I sell my ultrasound machine?"

UDS can help sell your ultrasound machine. We encourage you to submit information on any portable ultrasound systems you wish to sell. 

Remember to include the ultrasound system brand, model, and any accessories you would like to sell or trade-in.

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Wondering What Value Your Current Ultrasound System Has?

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Hoping to get more money for your ultrasound equipment?

Let us know the make, model, probes included, manufacture date and we can let you know the current fair market value.



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Contact UDS to Determine the Value of Your Used Ultrasound System




Ultrasound Machine Consignment

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We can list your equipment on our website and sell it on consignment for you. We will refurbish/certify the equipment and you set the sale price. We bring you the offers and you decide.

Contact UDS to Discuss Ultrasound Consignment Options



Ultrasound Machine Recycling

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Is Your Ultrasound Equipment No Longer Working?

No problem, we will be happy to arrange the removal of your equipment, recycle your equipment, or repair and donate to a worthy cause.

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Contact UDS to Sell Your Used Ultrasound


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