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SIUI Apogee 2100V Vet Ultrasound For Sale

Diagnostic Veterinary Scanner for Animals

SIUI Apogee 2100V: An Ideal Entry-Level Veterinary Color Doppler Solution


Enhanced Cardiovascular Evaluation:
With its Auto IMT feature, the system automatically measures the Intima-Media Thickness of the carotid artery wall, making it an invaluable tool for assessing cardiovascular conditions like hypertension and diabetes.

Precise Cardiac Assessment:
Our Continuous Wave Doppler (CW) technology excels at detecting abnormalities in high-speed blood flow within the heart.


SIUI 2100V ultrasound example 04

For example, a veterinary ultrasound scan was taken using an Apogee 2100V vet ultrasound machine. (Shown above)


Automated Tissue Enhancement:
The Auto-Fit functionality seamlessly tracks, identifies and enhances tissue-specific information. By reducing noise and artifacts, it refines tissue shading and edging, improves contrast resolution, and aids in the early identification of tissue and structural lesions.

Excellent Image Quality:
The MFI technology ensures premium image quality by reducing signal distortion and eliminating unwanted noise, resulting in outstanding resolution, high contrast, and superior penetration.

Artifact Reduction and Spatial Resolution:
XBeam technology helps mitigate echo artifacts and enhances spatial resolution for more accurate diagnoses.

Advanced Noise Reduction:
Nanoview technology is dedicated to reducing noise and artifacts while refining tissue shading and edging. This contributes to improved contrast resolution and facilitates the early identification of tissue and structural lesions.


Choose Apogee 2100V for state-of-the-art veterinary ultrasound technology tailored to your practice's needs.