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SonoStar Ultrasound Scanners For Sale

SonoStar values independent innovation and has developed a series of products with advanced technology, distinctive features, suitable for customer needs, and high cost-effectiveness, which have received widespread praise from customers. Among them, handheld ultrasound scanners have pushed the miniaturization and intelligence technology of ultrasound diagnostic instruments to a new level.

SonoStar Ultrasound Machines and Scanners For Sale


Biosound Esaote MyLab 30 MyLab30 Ultrasound


SonoStar UProbe C4PL Ultrasound

Linear, Convex, and Phased Array Transducers with 128 elements



SonoStar UProbe C5PL Ultrasound

Linear, Convex, and Phased Array Transducers with 192 elements



SonoStar UProbe L6C Ultrasound

Linear Transducer with 192 elements and 32 channels



SonoStar CProbe CL8 Ultrasound

Convex and Linear Transducers with 192 elements and 64 channels



SonoStar CProbe C8 Ultrasound

Convex Transducer with 192 elements and 64 channels



SonoStar CProbe L8 Ultrasound

Linear Transducer with 192 elements and 64 channels


SonoStar 8P Ultrasound Scanner 275


SonoStar CProbe 8P Ultrasound

High-Frequency Linear Transducer with 192 elements and 64 channels



Why Buy A Sonostar Ultrasound Scanner?

Handheld ultrasound scanners only have the same size as the phone weigh 200 grams, and can easily transmit images wirelessly to various mobile phones, tablets, and computers for easy operation, viewing, saving images, and communication for remote consultation. The cost and price are far lower than traditional large-size color Doppler ultrasound, which has similar performance and images. Handheld ultrasound scanners have also realized the functions only available in high-end equipment such as needle tip development enhancement and magnetic navigation. SonoStar products are at the world's leading level in terms of integration and miniaturization, power consumption control, image definition, image frame rate smoothness, etc., and are recognized by customers for their convenience, advancement, and affordable price.


SonoStar Headquarters in Guangzhou, China


About SonoStar

SonoStar is a professional medical equipment company that includes medical equipment research and development, manufacturing, and sales. SonoStar is committed to transforming the latest and most sophisticated scientific technology into practical and universal medical equipment, with the development goal of "becoming a world-class technology company, leading the world in technology, and highly recognized by customers". Their company culture is "pursuing innovation and differentiation, focusing on efficiency and efficient operation, creating value and benefiting mankind while achieving self-achievement, only doing win-win things without harming others".


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