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SIUI Apogee 1000V Lite Vet Ultrasound For Sale

Diagnostic Veterinary Scanner for Animals


Introducing the Apogee 1000V Lite: Your Cost-Efficient Veterinary Color Doppler Solution for Entry-Level Needs


Compact and High-Performance:
The Apogee 1000V Lite boasts a compact design and remarkable performance. This budget-friendly color Doppler ultrasound system offers exceptional portability and a wide range of applications, making it ideal for routine and intraoperative examinations. It covers various areas, including cardiac, reproductive organs, abdomen, small parts, stomach, and intestines.


SIUI 1000V Lite Vet Ultrasound Scan Liver

An ultrasound scan of the liver was taken using a SIUI Apogee 1000V Lite vet ultrasound machine. (Shown above)


Unmatched Portability:

  • Its lightweight laptop design ensures ease of use for bedside examinations.
  • The detachable Li-ion battery, along with the car charger, guarantees uninterrupted operation.
  • A generous 15" monitor provides high-resolution views from any angle.
  • The splash-proof flat control panel is adaptable to diverse environments.
  • A comprehensive set of function keys enhances workflow efficiency.
  • The included traveling backpack simplifies onsite healthcare services.


SIUI 1000V Lite Veterinary Vet Kidney Ultrasound Scan

An ultrasound scan of a kidney was taken using a SIUI Apogee 1000V Lite vet ultrasound machine. (Shown above)

Versatile Applications with Exceptional Capabilities:

  • Abdominal Imaging: Delivering quality imaging for the abdomen, liver, kidney, and intestines.
  • Cardiology Excellence: Equipped with a full suite for cardiac diagnosis, including CW, TDI, Anatomical M Mode, and Color M Mode, enabling swift emergency examinations. Various measurement options, such as PISA, Simpson auto tracing, and LV cardiac volumes, provide practical solutions.
  • Experience the convenience of C mode and M mode functionalities with the Apogee 1000V Lite, your all-in-one veterinary ultrasound solution.