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Since ALPINION began their ultrasound business in 2007, they have focused on developing core technologies and delivering the best value to their customers. As a value innovator in the medical industry, ALPINION progressively expands their business scope vertically and horizontally in every ultrasound area. ALPINION’s world-leading single-crystal ultrasound technology, provides higher sensitivity, better penetration, and less heat degradation.

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About Alpinion

According to their website, the corporate identity of ALPINION Medical Systems is Designed by the enthusiasm and the desire to be a leading company in the medical industry where each associate of ALPINION contributes as a value innovator. The ‘A’ in ALPINION comes from the word alpine. The ‘A’ is a symbol of the company’s unyielding and determined quest toward the summit of achievement. The middle ‘N’ represents their desire for technological challenge and the ethos of a developing pioneer as they advance to place our marker on the map of progress. The ALPINION’s corporate color of Jade Blue represents perpetual motivation. Alpinion is located at the pinnacle of the medical industry and is determined to be one of the pillars of a life-long partner for customers, society, and humanity. Each member of ALPINION strives for innovation as an expert and a pioneer in their technological field. ALPINION is creating an innovative medical market where more customers can receive high-quality medical services.

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