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SonoStar UProbe L6C Linear Wireless Ultrasound Probe

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SonoStar Wireless Ultrasound Scanner
Sonostar L6C is a linear wireless ultrasound transducer or scanner with color doppler. This will require a separate iPhone or Android tablet or cell phone as it is not a complete ultrasound machine.

Sonostar is a handheld transducer with a wireless interface that contains all the basic features of a stationary device. It allows in any conditions to carry out express diagnostics of the patient and make the right decision on further treatment. Specifications:
UProbe-L6C Color Doppler Ultrasound Probe
Frequency Range: 7.5 / 10 MHz L40 with 192 elements
32 transmitting channels
Imaging Modes: B, B / M, Color, PW, PDI
256 shades of gray
Scanning depth: 40 to 100mm
Dynamic range: 40 to 110
Gain: 30 to 105dB
Weight: 200g.
32 transmit channels
Wireless connection via WiFi Work with any kind of smartphones, tablets or laptops.
Support for Android, iOS, Windows OS

SonoStar UProbe C6C (Convex) and UProbe L6C (Linear) Sample Video

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