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Philips CX50 Ultrasound Machine

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Premium Class Performance in a Compact System

Cardiac, OB/GYN, Abdominal, Vascular/Vascular Access, Thyroid, MSK, Podiatry, Pediatric, Small Parts, Veterinary

System Description:

Now you can be confident in the data from your exams, including your most technically challenging studies. Philips, a leader in cutting-edge ultrasound development, has integrated premium, innovative technologies into the new CX50 system to address the need for premium class performance in a compact ultrasound system. Extreme performance is built into the CX50 system with clinically proven premium technologies. Images are displayed with exceptional quality, giving you the data you need for confident diagnoses.

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philips cx50 ultrasound with patient during medical exam 05

A Philips CX50 (shown above, left) portable ultrasound is being used by a doctor to perform a cardiology medical examination of the heart on a patient lying in a hospital bed.


Introducing CX50 xMATRIX: The ultimate compact ultrasound system for cardiac care

Why choose CX50 xMATRIX?

  • PureWave everywhere: Experience the exceptional performance of PureWave transducer technology, originally available only on our premium cart-based systems, now integrated into the CX50 xMATRIX system. Achieve improved diagnostic confidence, especially on technically difficult patients, with PureWave crystals that have virtually perfect uniformity for greater bandwidth and twice the efficiency of conventional ceramic materials. The result is excellent imaging and Doppler performance.
  • Digital broadband beamforming on a compact system: Capture, preserve and display complete tissue signatures with CX50 xMATRIX, which combines the broadband capabilities of a digital beamformer with the broadband signals produced by PureWave transducers. Now, even on a compact system, the level of image quality is exceptional, allowing you to fully appreciate subtle anatomical details.
  • SonoCT and XRES technologies bring a new level of clarity to compact ultrasound: Enhance the subtlest of diagnostic features with Philips SonoCT and XRES, clinically proven premium technologies that work in tandem to reduce speckle, haze and clutter, resulting in images virtually free from noise, with extraordinary quality and edge definition. SonoCT acquires up to nine lines of sight and combines the individual images into one well-defined image in real time, displaying striking levels of tissue differentiation that are virtually free of artifacts.
  • Reduce exam time by up to 50% with SmartExam: Perform complete studies with ease using SmartExam protocols, easy-to-use, customizable guides that help you through the required views for a specific exam type. The on-screen menu automatically enters annotation and builds your report, saving time, reducing repeated moves and increasing efficiency and consistency of exams.
  • Compact ultrasound designed for your environment: Enjoy exceptional viewing in the most difficult portable environments with the CX50 xMATRIX system, which features a high resolution monitor and fast system start-up. Connect to your PACS with wireless and wired DICOM, and export your data by DVD and USB media with integrated DICOM viewer.
  • Fine-tune exams with active native data: Adjust virtually all scanning parameters on single images, clips or stored 2D and Doppler data with the CX50 xMATRIX system, which stores active native acoustic data. Images can be readjusted during or after the exam, enhancing diagnostic details and allowing for shorter exam times.
  • Quantify and analyze: Assess cardiac anatomy and function using clinically proven QLAB quantification software, which offers automated tools such as aCMQA.I. and MVNA.I. aCMQA.I. uses speckle mechanics to provide reproducible 2D Global Longitudinal Strain (GLS) speckle measurements and a proven EF. MVNA.I. is designed to take a Live 3D volume of the mitral valve and turn it into an easy-to-interpret model in eight guided steps, providing access to a comprehensive list of MV measurements and calculations.

philips cx50 ultrasound with patient during medical exam 03

A Philips CX50 (shown above, left) portable ultrasound is being used by a doctor to perform an exam on a pediatric patient lying in a NICU hospital bed.


CX50 xMATRIX: Premium echo for interventional cardiology

  • Live 3D TEE goes portable: Capture and display stunning views of the heart with Live 3D TEE, supported on the CX50 X8-2t and X7-2t TEE transducers. Diagnose, plan, assist and assess patients with new levels of confidence, using intuitive tools to manipulate the 3D data. Rely on Live 3D TEE’s exceptional image quality for increased visibility during guided catheter procedures, such as mitral valve repair, TAVR, PVL repair and more.
  • Breakthrough 2D ICE solution for cath and EP labs: Use 2D ICE with the ViewFlex Xtra catheter, which provides excellent imaging performance and four-way steering with single-hand control. CX50 xMATRIX is a portable and compact system that fits into crowded cardiac cath and EP labs. CX50 xMATRIX and ViewFlex Xtra together provide a powerful solution for imaging during atrial ablations, LAA closures and structural heart interventions.
  • Optimized vascular imaging: Choose from a selection of linear transducers optimized for vascular imaging, including the L15-7io compact linear array transducer, designed for superficial vascular imaging such as IJ access and TRI.
  • Fully integrated echo for your interventional lab: Improve workflow in interventional procedures with CX50 xMATRIX, which is designed to be fully integrated with Philips interventional X-ray systems. Control 2D imaging tableside using the same Xper Module that controls Philips Azurion and Allura Xper systems. Use EchoNavigator 2.0 to digitally link Live 3D or Live xPlane echo images with fluoroscopy images, presenting real-time views of soft-tissue anatomy that can be viewed and controlled independently by the interventionalist. Interface with Philips or third-party cath and EP labs with digital video output in DVI-I format.


philips cx50 ultrasound with patient during medical exam 06

A Philips CX50 (shown above, left) portable ultrasound is being used by a doctor to perform an exam using a TEE transducer for live 3D scanning.



CX50 xMATRIX: Extreme imaging for surgery

Next generation of Live 3D TEE with the X8-2t xMATRIX transducer, available on the CX50 xMATRIX system. The CX50 xMATRIX system is ideal for many operating environments, with its size, maneuverability, ease of operation and premium imaging performance. Live 3D TEE and comprehensive quantification provide tools for planning, monitoring and assessing cardiac surgeries.

  • More information for planning: View the 3D heart while it’s beating to assess function, slice the 3D data for multiple 2D images, and obtain enface views and the view of the left ventricle (not available with transthoracic echo) for more perspectives for planning. These views are not available once surgery begins.
  • Quantify the mitral valve with new and objective data: Use Mitral Valve NavigatorA.I. (MVNA.I.) to obtain precise 3D multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) measurements of the mitral valve anatomy and associated structures, and build a 3D model of the mitral valve annulus, leaflets and aorta, showing the spatial relationship between the mitral valve, papillary muscles and aortic valve. The result is a clinical decision support tool for surgical planning.
  • Designed to guide you through every procedure: Rely on Philips TEE transducers, which are designed with key differences to ease workflow and enhance clinical confidence. They have easy intubation, easy wall contact, excellent image quality and durable stainless steel handle.
  • Live 3D TEE training and education: Benefit from Philips-sponsored physician-taught Live 3D TEE courses around the globe and installation training courses configured to your needs, with on-site physician mentoring. Stay updated with the latest clinical discussions on dedicated topic pages.
  • Premium performance for every patient: Care for your young patients in the NICU and PICU with premium performance echo, without interfering with support equipment. See minute details and subtle anomalies in these tiny hearts with sector array and transesophageal transducers that provide the 2D image quality and Doppler performance you need. Use our dedicated pediatric analysis package to separately measure inflow and outflow, making it easier to follow your patients’ progress.



03 Philips cx50 ultrasound machine for sale cart trolley with wheels

A Philips CX50 shown configured above with optional portable trolley cart on wheels.


Philips CX50 Specifications:

  • Cardiac & Vascular Calculations Package
  • Color Doppler
  • CW/PW Doppler
  • M-Mode
  • (CPA) Color Power Angio
  • Directional CPA
  • Invert and Color Invert
  • Color Compare Mode
  • Duplex and Triplex
  • THI
  • Smart Exam
  • iSCAN
  • Advanced XRES
  • Live Compare
  • Adult Echo
  • Grayscale Freehand 3D
  • DICOM Networking
  • SonoCT
  • ECG Cable

02 Philips cx50 ultrasound machine for sale 2020

Example scans (transthoracic imaging) of the heart taken using a Philips CX50 ultasound machine. An abnormal vasculature ultrasound exam scan is shown on the right.


System Dimensions:
Length 14" or 35.6 cm
Width 16.25" or 41.3 cm 
Height 3" or 7.6 cm 
Weight 13.6 lb or 6.17 kg 
Display 15.4" or 39.1 cm high-resolution display with wide viewing angle


philips cx50 ultrasound with patient during medical exam 07

A Philips CX50 being used during a medical exam with TEE transducer or probe.


Philips CX50 Transducers:
The CX50 supports premium performance 2D and Doppler for a wide range of exam needs – abdominal, vascular, breast, MSK, pediatrics, superficial, obstetrical, gynecological, surgical, and cardiac.
Philips CX50 Ultrasound Probes Transducers

Transducer / Clinical Application
Philips C5-1 Transducer for Deep abdominal vascular 
Philips C8-5 Transducer for Peripheral vascular
Philips L12-3 Transducer for Superficial and deep vascular
Philips L12-5 50 Transducer for Superficial vascular
Philips L15-7io Transducer for Surgery and superficial
Philips S5-1 Transducer for Adult 2D echo
Philips S4-2 Transducer for Adult 2D echo
Philips S7-3t Transducer for Pediatric and adult 2D TEE
Philips S8-3 Transducer for Pediatric 2D echo
Philips S12-4 Transducer for Neonatal 2D echo
Philips X8-2t Transducer for Adult 2D/3D TEE
Philips X7-2t Transducer for Adult 2D/3D TEE

Philips CX50 Cardiology Ultrasound Introduction Video



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