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Philips InnoSight Ultrasound Machine

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SIMPLICITY. Philips InnoSight: A shared service ultrasound machine when and where you want it.

System Description:

Philips InnoSight allows you to scan patients in more of the clinical places you deliver care, offering the clinical confidence that a quick, routine scan can provide in the office, clinic, or hospital.

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InnoSight for general imaging:
• General abdominal
• Ob/Gyn
• Small parts
• Vascular
• Basic cardiac

01 philips innosight ultrasound machine scanner for diagnostic medical imaging exams

This highly mobile, compact ultrasound system opens up the possibilities for you to bring ultrasound in more often, with capabilities such as application-specific analysis packages, annotations,
and tissue-specific presets that can help you perform even detailed studies. Now you have a convenient system with quality Philips broadband transducers for scanning that can enhance both clinical confidence and the experience for your patients.

Advances such as digital beamforming, wideband pulse receiver, low-noise/high-resolution ADC, SonoCT, and XRES allow users to acquire high-quality images to enhance clinical confidence. InnoSight also offers patients the comfort that comes from being able to be scanned where care is delivered in the intended environment.

philips innosight ultrasound machine portable diagnostic exam scanner

The intuitive touch user interface makes InnoSight easy to learn and you can personalize the system with customizable layouts and user-defined presets.

Sleek and easy to bring with you, InnoSight can travel on a cart that takes up very little space. Or carry the system with you: it’s simple to dock and undock InnoSight from its cart and use the kickstand as a convenient carry handle.

It’s easy to seamlessly communicate results too, with PACS connectivity, modality worklist (MWL), DICOM, USB, and WiFi.

philips innosight ultrasound machine portable diagnostic exam scanner abdomen hepatic vasculature sample clinical scan

In the emergency department. At the clinic. At the community health center.

No longer does your patient need to be sent to the ultrasound center for a scan. InnoSight lets you bring the confidence of ultrasound directly to your patient in more of the clinical environments you deliver care.

Confidence is in the image

InnoSight offers exceptional image quality with versatility of application. Digital beamforming, THI, pulse inversion THI, XRES, SonoCT, and automatic image optimization all help you obtain high-quality images. Perform more detailed studies with application-specific analysis, annotations, body markings, and versatile report formats.

Why wait? InnoSight gives you the flexibility to scan where you’re delivering care in your clinic, office, or hospital. Convenient features such as the battery back-up and multi-purpose kickstand that can be used as a handle let you easily bring the system with you.

InnoSight has one-touch image optimization to help you quickly get the desired image. Additional image-enhancement tools such as compounding, harmonics, and speckle reduction give
you access to more advanced capabilities.

InnoSight has features you’d expect to find on a cart-based system, including a range of transducers, application specific presets, and intelligent analysis for smooth workflow.
No longer is it necessary to send your patient out for a preliminary scan. InnoSight offers excellent image quality and an impressive range of applications so you can enhance
the patient experience by scanning quickly and easily to help find the answers that matter.

philips innosight ultrasound machine portable diagnostic exam scanner abdominal aorta clinical scan

Hospital to clinic and back again

InnoSight is at your side and ready for a full day of scanning where you deliver care. Easily move between locations with or without its convenient cart as you use the system for basic diagnostic imaging and quick screening, or to scan patients who are currently immobile. It’s an ideal companion to a cart-based system.

Tissue-specific presets help secure high-quality images with ease across applications. The configurable layout of the functional menu and programmable function key provide additional flexibility for you to use InnoSight the way you like. Create multiple user profiles for shared service usage to keep individual preferences intact, including user-defined presets and default settings.

Clinical versatility with Philips broadband transducers. A range of Philips transducers offers the clinical versatility to keep InnoSight in demand, day in and day out.

philips innosight ultrasound machine portable diagnostic exam scanner cardiac sample clinical scan

Anatomical M-mode for cardiology

Up to three simultaneous M-mode traces for simultaneous visualization of aortic and mitral valve trace to aid in clinical diagnosis. This gives you the flexibility to define the location
and angle of the M-line on the anatomy to get the desired M-mode trace.

Trapezoidal imaging for small parts imaging

Access an expanded field of view (FOV) while imaging small parts such as thyroid, breast, or testis without compromising exceptional image quality. View the thyroid or testicular gland in a single FOV.

Directional Color Power Angio (CPA)

This provides directional information to standard power angio imaging and is useful for small vessel imaging as a
substitute for color Doppler.

philips innosight ultrasound machine portable diagnostic exam scanner example sample clinical scan 2

CW mode

Continuous wave Doppler helps in instances of high-velocity flow, such as aortic stenosis, and can be used to enhance diagnostic confidence.

Enhanced needle visualization (ENV)

ENV enhances contrast of the needle for better visualization without affecting anatomical resolution. With 2D image steer for better angulation during needle insertion, ENV allows
for enhanced visualization during procedures such as breast biopsy, vascular ablations, central line placements, and surgical interventions.

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