Premium Veterinary Ultrasound Systems

Premium ultrasound systems for Veterinarians. These premium portable ultrasound systems are ideal for exams requiring the highest resolution. Premium portable ultrasound systems offer full shared service features including complete cardiac calculations and advanced imaging enhancements. These portable ultrasound systems are most suitable for veterinarians who use ultrasound extensively for most cases, and do not plan to refer exams to a radiologist. 


Clover60 250

Wisonic Clover60 Vet

Wisonic Clover60 vet is a full function hand-carried ultrasound with extremely lightweight, easy to use, durable and best-in class Image quality. From now on, you need not trade-off between the performance and the weight....(Read More)
Clover60 ultrasound Logowisonic logo 250
Wisonics Piloter 250 vertical

Wisonic Piloter Vet

Wisonic Piloter has a wide range of transducers that cover the full range of general applications. An innovative middle line design along with project probe direction indicator, provide users best experience and accuracy ...(Read More)
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GE Logiq I Vet

The GE Logiq I Vet is the portable version of the GE Logiq series. The Logiq I Vet is the upgrade to the older Logibook systems and features a larger display and more powerful hardware.(Read More)




GE Vivid I Vet

The Vivid I Vet is all about power and features in a compact form with pricing reflective of the quality. GE’s Vivid I Vet carries technology migrated from the Vivid 7, making the Vivid I Vet a gold standard in portable cardiovascular ultrasound imaging. (Read more)



Biosound Esaote MyLab 30 Vet

The MyLab 30 portable ultrasound system is the first compact ultrasound system to deliver premium console performance. And with mobile, portable or stationary configurations, the MyLab 30 can adapt to any clinical environment. (Read more) 

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