Veterinary Ultrasound Systems For Imaging Small Animals

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Portable ultrasound systems are an extremely valuable diagnostic tool for veterinarians.

Portable ultrasound systems configured for veterinary imaging can greatly expand the diagnostic capabilities to include examinations of muscles, bladder calculi, all abdominal organs, gastrointestinal tract,  thyroid and the heart.

Veterinary portable ultrasound systems can also be used to detect fluid in the pleural space or loss of air in the lungs as well as  for guided injections, increasing accuracy and confidence of biopsies as well as fine needle and follicle aspiration.

  Wisonics Clover60 ultrasound 250 lefty   Wisonic Clover Vet
Wisonic Clover60 vet is a full function hand-carried ultrasound with extremely lightweight, easy to use, durable and best-in class Image quality.
  M7 large   Mindray M7 Vet
Award winning portable hand-carried color Doppler, M7 Premium is a high level system with excellent performance across a wide range of applications.
  Wisonics Piloter tablet ultrasound 250 vertical righty   Wisonic Piloter Vet
An innovative middle line design along with project probe direction indicator, provide users best experience and accuracy.
   vivid q 1   GE Vivid q Vet
Vivid q builds on the many innovative features and technologies of the Vivid line with performance, quantitative analysis tools, and a wide range of applications.
   vivid I 275   GE Vivid i Vet
Vivid I Vet is a shared service portable ultrasound system designed for cardiac imaging. The Vivid I Vet is all about power and features in a compact form with pricing reflective of the quality.
   ge nextgen loqiq e R7   GE Logiq e Vet
The GE Logiq E Vet is a good choice for veterinarians needing a shared service portable system including CW Doppler for cardiac exams.
   sonobook 275   Chison SonoBook 8 Vet
SonoBook 8 is an outstanding ultrasound system with compact, light and robust alloy casing design, tailored for users who need maximum mobility, but also demand powerful functions.
   ebit 60   Chison EBIT 60 Vet
The EBit provides all the power you need for today´s challenging clinical environment, yet remain ultra-portable, ultra-affordable. 
   M Turbo 275   SonoSite M Turbo Vet
The SonoSite M Turbo portable ultrasound is a simple-to-use system with truly premium image quality. 
   SIUI1200 275   SIUI APOGEE 1200
This machine offers advanced imaging features such as CW Doppler at one of the lowest price points for a new system.
   02 mindray z6 ultrasound   Mindray Z6 Vet
The Mindray Z6 is a well-balanced ultrasound system with full shared service capabilities that demonstrates an ideal combination of image enhancing technologies.

   eco6 front 275   Chison ECO 6 VET
As a new member of ECO family, ECO6 has considered the most frequent request of users, adding more advanced features and capabilities inside this ultra-compact body, to provide better patient care.
   0 mindray z5 portable ultasound system ob   Mindray Z5 Vet
The Mindray Z5 is an entry-level portable Color Doppler system, the Z5 comes equipped with a rare combination of high performance and low cost, providing you with the best of image quality, affordability, versatility and mobility at an entry level price.
   U50 Prime edition   EDAN U50 Vet
The EDAN U50 Prime is a cost-effective, portable color Doppler system offering user-friendly workflow, reliable performance and excellent image quality within its class of entry level color Doppler’s.
   micromaxx 275   SonoSite Micromaxx Vet
The SonoSite MicroMaxx portable ultrasound is a well suited portable ultrasound, and is capable of performing the duties of a shared service system.
   mindray dp 50   Mindray DP-50 Vet
The Mindray DP-50 is equipped with advanced imaging technologies allowing deeper penetration, faster image acquisition (FPS) and streamlined workflow.
   275px   SIUI CTS-8800 Plus Vet
The SIUI 8800 is an entry level portable ultrasound system featuring vet speicific software, and focuses on being a cost effective yet quality portable veterinary ultrasound.
   DP 30   Mindray DP-30 Vet
Breaking down the barrier between B/W and Doppler ultrasound diagnostic systems, the new 2019 DP-30 Power Edition is an advanced system equipped with Power Doppler and PW Doppler, providing you more possibilities in various clinical applications.
   edan dus 60 ultrasound machine 275   EDAN DUS 60 Vet
The EDAN DUS 60 is an impressive new compact ultrasound system, providing superb value across a large range of applications with its PW Doppler capabilities.
   eco3 vet1   Chison ECO 3 Vet
The user interface and sophisticated software shorten exam times by keeping user inputs to a minimum, the patient management and transfer capabilities are simple to use and the image optimization features are designed to be modifiable on the fly.
  large animal icon vet ultrasound machines for sale   Veterinary Ultrasound Systems for Imaging Large Animals
Looking for an ultrasound system more suitable for scanning large animals? No problem! Browse our list of vet-friendly ultrasound machines ideal for use on large animals.

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