What is a portable ultrasound machine?

A portable ultrasound machine is a medical imaging device that uses ultrasound for diagnostic purposes and is smaller and lighter than the console style ultrasound machines that preceded them. In most cases these mobile ultrasound systems could be carried by hand and in some cases even operated for a time on battery power alone. The first portable ultrasound machines arrived in the early 1980s but battery powered systems that could be easily carried did not arrive until the late 1990s.


What is a portable ultrasound machine used for?

Portable ultrasound machines are typically used in situations where space is limited, mobility is important, or the scanning must be done in the field. OB/GYN doctors were the first to start using portable ultrasound systems as these could be brought bedside or were affordable enough to be purchased by a private practice. Currently portable ultrasound machines are used in Cardiac, Vascular, Radiology, Endocrinology, Pediatric and OB/GYN applications. In addition, EMS personnel from several countries including Germany, Italy, France, and the United States have used portable ultrasound evaluations in the field.


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