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 System Description:

The Samsung MySono U6 portable ultrasound machine is a step up from the Samsung MySono U5, adding features like spatial compounding and upgrading the Dynamic MR contrast enhancement capabilities. This system also has capabilities to add Continuous wave Doppler and a comprehensive cardiac calculation package for echocardiography. The Samsung MySono U6 portable ultrasound is a true shared service system, and offers impressive resolution and image quality available on a portable platform The Samsung Medison MySono U6 portable ultrasound includes a high resolution 15″ LCD display as well as high-end image optimization features like Speckle Reduction and Tissue Harmonics/Pulse Inversion Harmonics. Not only is this system capable of producing extremely high resolution images needed for general radiology and MSK imaging, the system is also capable of real time 3D or 4D imaging.

 pdf icon tinySamsung Medison MySono U6 Brochure

  • Musculoskeletal [MSK]
  • Vascular
  • Abdominal
  • Small Parts
  • Breast Imaging
  • Urology
  • Pediatric
  • Neonatal
  • Ob/Gyn
  • 4D Imaging
  • Fetal Heart
  • 15” LCD monitor
  • Directional Power Doppler
  • Spatial Compound Imaging[SCI] – Improves signal to noise ratio
  • Multi-Slice View
  • VolumeCT
  • HPRF High Pulse Repetition Frequency
  • SRF Speckle Reduction Filter
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging [THI]
  • Pulse Inversion Harmonics
  • Advanced Vascular Package includes AutoIMT, HPRF, and high-performance linear probes
  • SonoView & SonoView Pro Image & data storage and retrieval
  • QuickScan One-touch image optimization
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Instant-on
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports
  • Continuous Wave Doppler
  • Live 3D/4D Imaging
  • 3D XI [3D eXtended Imaging]
  • Cardiac Measurement
  • Auto IMT™
  • Dynamic MR+ 2.0 – Improves contrast resolution
  • Cardiac Calculations
Peripheral Options:
  • Trolley
  • Footswitch
  • Thermal / Color Printer
Physical Specifications:
  • Height: 75.4 mm
  • Width: 360 mm
  • Depth: 291 mm
  • Weight with Battery: approx. 5.6 kg (12.3 lb.)
  • Samsung LN5-12: 5-12MHz/40mm Linear Probe [Musculoskeletal, Small Parts, Vascular]
  • Samsung C4-9: 4-7MHz/R10mm Convex Probe [Pediatric, Abdominal, Vascular]
  • Samsung C2-5: 2-5MHz/R40mm Convex Probe [Abdominal, OB/GYN]
  • Samsung C2-8: 2-8MHz/R51mm Convex Probe [Abdominal, OB/GYN]
  • Samsung EVN4-9: 4-9MHz/R10mm Endocavity Probe [OB/GYN, Urology]
  • Samsung 3D2-6: 2-6MHz/R40mm Volume Probe [Abdominal, OB/GYN]
  • Samsung 3D4-9: 4-9MHz/R10mm Volume Probe [Urology, OB/GYN]
  • Samsung P2-4: 2-4MHz Sector Probe [Abdominal, Cardiac, TCD]
  • Samsung CWD2.0: 2MHz Continuous Wave Probe [Cardiac]





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