GE Voluson E Ultrasound


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System Description:
The GE Voluson E portable ultrasound is primarily used for OB-GYN applications, but it is versatile and powerful enough to be used for a variety of other applications as well. The GE Voluson E portable ultrasound delivers premium, console-quality performance in a portable package. The GE Voluson E portable ultrasound provides the extraordinary image quality needed to confidently scan for women’s health. The GE Voluson E portable ultrasound carries the power of the GE Voluson line with access to premium 2D and 4D imaging as well. The Voluson e differs from the Voluson I by trimming features and offering fewer 4D probes for a lower price. The Voluson E portable ultrasound machine offers features such as speckle reduction imaging and CrossXBeamCRI, which both lend to  the incredible image clarity and quality of this system. The Voluson E portable ultrasound system is known for ease of use, allowing the operator to scan patients faster and more efficiently with better accuracy.

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  • Ob/Gyn
  • Vascular
  • Abdominal
  • Small Parts
  • Urology
  • Pediatric
  • Neonatal
  • MSK


  • GE RIC5-9 RS 3D/4D Endocavity Probe [5-9 MHz]
  • GE E8C-RS Endovaginal [4-10 MHz]
  • GE 12L-RS Linear Probe [5-13 MHz]
  • GE 4C-RS Convex Probe [2-5.5 MHz]


  • 15" LCD monitor
  • 1 probe connector
  • B-Mode
  • M-Mode
  • Color Doppler
  • Power Doppler
  • PW Doppler
  • 4D
  • B-Flow
  • THI [Tissue harmonic Imaging]
  • TUI [Tomographic ultrasound imaging]
  • CrossXBeam
  • SRI II Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • VOCAL volumetric calculations
  • SonoView
  • TruScan Architecture
  • Coded Harmonics
  • Coded Excitation
  • FFC [Frequency and focus composite]
  • 3D Multiplanar Display
  • AO [Automatic Optimization]
  • 2 USB ports
  • Ethernet port
  • 80GB hard drive

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