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System Description:
The Chison ECO3 portable ultrasound is the best in class B&W portable ultrasound system available. This system outshines competition in literally every single aspect starting with image quality. The Chison ECO3 portable ultrasond produces the highest resolution images, is 30% lighter, with 30% longer battery life, and is the only system to feature a high resolution LED monitor. The Chison ECO3 Portable Ultrasound is now the most powerful, user friendly B&W portable ultrasound system in it's class. The user interface and sophisticated software shorten exam times by keeping user inputs to a minimum, the patient management and transfer capabilities are simple to use and the image optimization features are designed to be modifiable on the fly. If you want the best B&W portable ultrasound system for the price, the Chison ECO3 portable ultrasound is your system.

pdf icon tinyChison ECO3 Portable Ultrasound Brochure


  • Abdominal
  • Ob/Gyn
  • Urology
  • MSK
  • Pediatric
  • Small Parts


13" x 13" x 6" - 14Lbs


  • 12" adjustable LED Monitor
  • B-Mode
  • Dual B-Mode
  • Quad B-Mode
  • Duplex
  • M-Mode
  • Compound Imaging
  • Trapezoidal Imaging
  • Chroma Imaging
  • i-Image
  • Tissue Harmonics
  • Speckle Reduction
  • 2 Active probe ports
  • Back Lit Keyboard
  • Quick adjust controls
  • EASYVIEW Image Archive System
  • Patient Information Management
  • Built-in professional reporting
  • Intelligent Zoom

  • Ethernet
  • S-Video
  • Video Out
  • VGA Out
  • 3 USB ports

  • 320GB Hard Drive
  • DICOM 3.0
  • Water Resistant keyboard cover
  • Carry Case
  • Footswtich
  • Printer
  • Chison Trolley TR-8000
  • Biospy Guides: C3-A, L7M-a, V6-A

  • Chison C3-A convex probe 2-5 Mhz / 60mm
  • Chison V6-A micro-convex probe, 4-8 Mhz / 12mm
  • Chison L7M-A linear probe, 5-10 Mhz / 40mm
  • Chison L7S-A linear probe, 5-13 Mhz / 40mm
  • Chison MC3-A micro-convex probe, 2-5 Mhz / 30mm
  • Chison R7-A rectal probe, 5-10 Mhz / 40mm
  • Chison MC5V-A micro-convex probe, 4-7 Mhz / 20mm
  • Chison MC6-A micro-convex probe, 4-8 Mhz / 20mm
  • Chison P3 -A phase probe, 2-5 Mhz