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Ultrasound Scanning Gel and Cleaning Wipes

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Ultrasound Cleaning Wipes


sono ultrasound wipes

  • Easy clean-up.
  • Top quality fabric with antibacterial formula, disinfects while cleaning up messes.
  • Textured to pick up particles.
  • Cloths quickly remove dirt, spots, and smudges while killing 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses
  • Machine protection.
  • Non-abrasive, non-damaging wipes keep equipment looking like new
  • Convenient packaging.
  • Dispenses wipes like a tissue. Just pull, wipe, and toss
  • Deodorizes and leaves the room smelling fresh

Ultrasound Gel

sono clear gel

  • Bacteriostatic Clear & Non-Staining
  • Perfect Viscosity!
  • Non-Sterile External Use Only