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Where Can I Buy An Ultrasound Machine?


What can an ultrasound machine exam detect?


Where Can I Buy An Ultrasound Machine?

Ultrasound machines are a vital part of any medical practice - including veterinary clinics. They have become a reliable go-to source for doctors needing to quickly diagnose patients and move forward with treatment. And, with the healthcare industry constantly revolving, ultrasound machines are quickly becoming the first choice of those needing to make decisions. Perhaps this is because they are portable, easily accessible, and quite dependable.

Let’s talk about where you can buy an ultrasound machine so you, too, can reap the benefits.


03 mindray MX7 ultrasound machine for sale on trolley cart diagnostic doppler scanner for general imaging cardiovascular and OB GYN examinations

A Mindray MX7 is a popular shared service ultrasound system suitable for a variety of different diagnostic imaging applications.


The Impact of a Portable Ultrasound Machine

Portable ultrasound machines are used in nearly every medical practice. When most people think of an ultrasound, the first thing that comes to mind is an OB/GYN practice. But, truth be told, more and more doctors of all types are finding that the diagnostics that come from these machines can prevent any delay in addressing an issue - which leads to a higher quality of treatment for patients. Everything from uncovering pain, swelling, or infection of a patient to guiding a doctor for biopsies, and from examining the heart to assessing the health of a fetus during pregnancy.


In other words, it is not uncommon to find portable ultrasound machines in these different areas:




Without these machines, many practices would not be able to offer patients the experience and treatment they deserve.


mindray te5 tablet ultrasound touch screen voice controls

A Mindray TE5 tablet-style "touch screen enabled" portable ultrasound machine.


Benefits of Portable Ultrasound Machines

Speaking of portable ultrasound machines - did you know they come with a plethora of benefits? Above, you can see that they have a positive impact on the level of patient care doctors can provide but that is just the beginning.


Doctors who employ a portable ultrasound machine can reap these benefits:

Easy to use where you need it. Ultrasound machines are big, require a lot of space, and aren’t as accessible as portable ultrasound machines. With the latter, you can easily move from room to room when you need it which reduces any bottlenecks in the flow of patients and keeps the patient calm and relaxed. It is just a much more convenient option.


Fast, accurate diagnosis. The faster you can assess what is going on with your patient, the faster they can begin to heal. Without an ultrasound, practitioners are often left to diagnose without any diagnostic tool - and this can lead to an incorrect diagnosis.

Affordable for any practice. There are many different kinds of portable ultrasound machines. And they are much more affordable for anyone - including small private practices. They still give clear results at a portion of the cost of a large one.

Lots of options. Every practice is different. So portable ultrasound machines come with many different options to choose from and you can always find the one that fits the needs of your practice. It is important to take the time to learn about all of the potential features available.


mindray dp 30 ultrasound machine 275

A compact and portable laptop-style Mindray TE5 ultrasound machine.


Where Can I Buy An Ultrasound Machine?

Buying a portable ultrasound machine doesn’t have to be a difficult process. There are many companies out there offering a wide range of new and used portable ultrasound machines. But it is important to stick with those who have a good reputation, a wide range of available ultrasound machines, and a solid level of service.



Because your entire patient base is counting on you to have a reliable ultrasound machine. So, when something goes wrong, you need to know that you can depend on your go-to company for ultrasound technology.

Companies like Universal Diagnostic Solutions, Inc. offer new and used portable ultrasound machines for sale. They work with you to understand your needs by asking the right questions. Then they customize an ultrasound machine that caters to those needs. They even offer training and education so that the machine is used to its full capability.

Further, also seek out companies that offer extended warranties, repair, and maintenance plans, to make life easier. That way, you will always have a dependable ultrasound machine.


Interested in a portable ultrasound machine for your practice? Contact Universal Diagnostic Solutions, Inc. today at (760) 754-3288 or shop online.


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