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What Makes Universal Diagnostic Solutions Different Than Other Ultrasound Stores?


In many different areas throughout the medical field, including veterinary medicine, there is a need for ultrasound machines. And many enjoy the benefit of having a portable ultrasound.

Purchasing this great solution for effectively diagnosing patients may lead you to an online search with many results. How do you know who to trust? Who should you purchase your portable ultrasound from? While there are many different companies that offer them, where you purchase your unit matters more than you may think.

Universal Diagnostic Solutions stands out from the competition. Find out what makes us different.



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A Wide Selection of Portable Ultrasounds

At Universal Diagnostic Solutions, we understand that everyone has a different need when it comes to portable ultrasounds. This usually comes down to the type of the unit, the features it offers, and its cost.

For instance, spending extra can be justified for an ultrasound machine that will be in high demand and used heavily every day - with the best features. Something more cost-effective may make sense for those who will only be using it occasionally. There are so many various types and features offered with each of these units that what may be a perfect fit for one practice will not work well for another. This means options are important.

Our selection of available portable ultrasounds is what sets us apart. With a long list of brands of new and used machines, we have something for every practice - and every budget. We even make it easy to shop by brand or by price on our website.


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Reconditioned Units

Unlike others in the industry, when we say we sell used portable ultrasounds, we really mean that they are reconditioned and guaranteed to operate at factory specifications.

We carefully and diligently clean and inspect every part of each unit, including the cords and other accessories. We configure the software, properly package all parts of the unit (including the manual and warranty labels), and validate it.

You can feel confident that your portable ultrasound has passed rigorous testing before it makes its way to you.


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Routine Maintenance and Service Repair

With proper routine maintenance, you can have the confidence that your unit is dependable - and provides accurate results. Just like any type of digital equipment, this is something that must be done regularly. But knowing how to operate a portable ultrasound doesn’t mean you know how to service them. Our team at Universal Diagnostic Solutions does not just sell the machines, but we maintain them, too. This makes us different.

You made the investment in your portable ultrasound. Our technicians will ensure that it continues to run at an optimal level based on the manufacturer’s specifications.


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Training Solutions

In order to know how to properly utilize your portable ultrasound purchase, you may need some training. Now, you could take the time to tediously work your way through the manual for the unit. Or you can take advantage of the many training solutions offered by Universal Diagnostic Solutions. After all, making sure you get the most out of your ultrasound makes us different from our competitors.

We have education and training options for physicians, medical students, nurses, and others in the healthcare field. It includes hands-on, remote, and educational software solutions so that you get every opportunity for a thorough understanding. We also provide direct, on-site training, too. The more you learn about your portable ultrasound machine, the more you can gain from it.


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See the Difference at Universal Diagnostic Solutions

If you are in need of a portable ultrasound and want the best experience - with the most value - then shop Universal Diagnostic Solutions. And if you aren’t sure where to start, our team of experts can help.

Contact us today at 760-754-3288.


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