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What Does a Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Machine Cost?

What Does a Portable Veterinary Machines Cost

There are many reasons a veterinary practice can benefit from investing in a portable veterinary ultrasound machine. Examples include:

  • Allowing veterinarians to perform ultrasounds with limited space
  • Allowing veterinarians to travel to perform ultrasounds when customers live in remote locations
  • Assisting during emergency situations
  • Eliminating the need (in some circumstances) to travel to other facilities to perform ultrasounds

These are just a few of the benefits you may enjoy as a veterinarian if you invest in one of these devices. However, you may have to account for your budget before purchasing one.

How much does a portable veterinary ultrasound machine cost? The answer varies depending on several factors.


The Price Range for Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Machines

Portable ultrasound machines for veterinarians come in a wide range of models offering various features and capabilities. Some models only cost between $1,000 and $2,000. Others may cost closer to $50,000.

Investing in the right machine for your needs is critical. Paying less now for a machine that doesn’t serve your needs could be a waste of money in the long run, as you’ll likely have to make an upgrade in the future. 

The supplier from whom you purchase a portable veterinary ultrasound machine may offer financing options. Research this to learn more about how to make purchasing this type of device affordable. They may also offer specials on veterinary ultrasound machines.


Factors influencing the price of a portable veterinary ultrasound machine include:


Ultrasound Transducers

An ultrasound transducer is a critical component of an ultrasound machine. Per the National Institutes of Health, the transducer produces the ultrasound waves necessary for generating an image. 

Transducers come in a variety of forms. Some deliver higher quality images than others due to their materials and other such qualities. The transducer a specific portable veterinary ultrasound uses will play a significant role in its cost.



Many portable ultrasound machines for veterinarians offer different tiers or “packages” with different features. The more features and capabilities a veterinarian needs, the more the machine will cost.

Review all information about an ultrasound machine carefully before purchasing one. You want to confirm whether the device offers such expanded capabilities. Ensure you’re buying the right package for your needs.

Also consider how your needs may change over the years. The features you need in an ultrasound machine can grow as your practice grows. 

Thus, even if your needs are minimal now, you might want to buy a veterinary ultrasound that allows you to make upgrades in the future. Doing so could eliminate the need to purchase an entirely new device.



One of the benefits of a portable ultrasound for veterinarians is you can carry it. As such, you may use such a machine for field work, house calls, and other such instances when a larger machine isn’t suitable.

However, carrying a portable ultrasound naturally involves the risk of dropping it. If you’re performing field work, you might also expose the device to the elements.

A durable machine that can stand up to drops and wear-and-tear will cost more than a machine that breaks easily. Consider how and where you’ll use the device to determine how durable your ultrasound needs to be.


Mindray E7 Ultrasound Vet Veterinary Exams Examinations Imaging Diagnostics small

The Mindray Vetus E7 (shown above) is an excellent choice for many veterinary diagnostic medical imaging applications.


Investing in a Quality Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Machine is Good for Business

Yes, you can’t spend more than you can truly afford when buying any device for your veterinary practice. That said, the quality of the devices you use can influence the quality of the services you offer your customers. 

Investing in powerful machines now may be worth your money in the long run. By improving your ability to treat animals, they’ll improve your reputation among all you serve. Your business may grow as a result.


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