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What Can an Ultrasound Machine Detect?

What can an ultrasound machine exam detect?


Ultrasound machines are widely used in all types of medical settings. Most people associate them with pregnancy, but they can actually detect quite a few conditions within the body - including some serious conditions. 

Using technology that goes far beyond that of a typical x-ray machine, ultrasound machines are capable of providing imaging and detection with a safe, non-invasive method. 


How Ultrasound Machines Work

A gel is applied to the skin nearest the area where images are desired, the transducer (or probe) is placed directly on the skin, moving around slowly as it releases soundwaves. Typically the gel is applied to the transducer 


Ultrasound technology uses these sound waves to provide its imaging. High-frequency waves are sent throughout the body, bouncing off of everything dense in its path, especially your tissues and organs. The resulting echos are then transformed into real-time images, known as sonograms. 


Health Issues that Ultrasound Machines Detect

Medical professionals in all sorts of fields require imaging of the inside of the body. Ultrasounds machines allow them to check for conditions that affect areas such as: 


  • Heart
  • Reproductive organs
  • Bladder
  • Thyroid
  • Pancreas
  • Gallbladder
  • Blood vessels
  • Muscles, joints, and tendons


The technology allows doctors to uncover what may be going on within the body - without having to use any invasive procedures. In doing so, they are able to diagnose many different conditions.


Thyroid Conditions

This small, butterfly-shaped gland found in the neck can wreak havoc on the body when it isn’t functioning properly. Using an ultrasound, doctors are able to check for nodules or other growths - and help them determine whether or not a biopsy is needed. Ultrasounds can also alert doctors of any abnormal activity.


Cardiovascular Concerns

The heart pumps blood throughout the body in an intricate system of blood vessels. To stay healthy and functioning properly, this blood needs to be able to move with ease. When there are any blockages or narrow passageways, this could be the sign of cardiovascular issues. 


Ultrasound machines help doctors to detect these vessels and monitor any that may be narrow or blocked. 



Some cancers show up in x-rays, but many do not. For those that are found in soft tissues, ultrasound technology allows doctors to uncover cancers without having to use radiation. 


What’s more, is that cancerous tumors can be easily distinguished from cysts (both of which appear in an ultrasound). Cysts will have fluid in them whereas tumors are solid, allowing doctors to make a diagnosis easier. 


While using the ultrasound machine, doctors are able to perform a biopsy - and even watch the needle on the screen. This makes it an easy procedure for everyone involved. 



Ultrasound machines can monitor blood flow. Typically, increased blood flow may indicate that there is an infection. Doctors are able to use these images to determine levels of infection within the body. 



Cysts and Fibroids

The female reproductive system can commonly be a source of pain and discomfort. Cysts and uterine fibroids are frequently the culprits of many of these issues. Ultrasound technology allows doctors to view the entire area and pinpoint the cause. 



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An ultrasound machine is a necessary tool in nearly all medical fields. With its capability to unmask and detect conditions like heart disease, cancer, and infections, it should be a regular part of your practice. 


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