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What are the Best New Portable Ultrasound Machines in 2022?


What can an ultrasound machine exam detect?


Portable ultrasound machine technology offers many benefits, whether for a private practice or at a surgical center. These versatile diagnostic machines make it easier to provide rapid diagnosis and develop the best treatment protocols. An essential component for both cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology, radiology, and musculoskeletal treatment settings, these portable machines are also staples for emergency facilities and veterinary practices, too. Portable ultrasounds can provide a quick and accurate diagnosis of injuries as well as disease and chronic issues, allowing patients to receive treatment without traveling long distances or waiting for appointments and results outside your own facility. With the chance of an incorrect diagnosis substantially reduced, ultrasound technology supports medical professionals and patients alike, allowing timely care and accurate care.


Making Care More Affordable 


Along with assisting with an accurate diagnosis, new portable ultrasound technology also offers the benefit of more affordable medical care, reducing costs and encouraging patients to seek quicker care for better outcomes and health.  Portable ultrasound technology also provides the necessary efficiency for optimal care that will help you to manage patient flow, which is especially important in emergency settings.


New Portable Ultrasounds Improve Communication


Portable ultrasound technology improves communication and engagement between patients and doctors, too. Able to be used at just about any location, portable ultrasounds allow doctors to see patients quickly one-on-one, showing the patient their findings in real-time, as well as answering questions and offering explanations of treatment quickly and intimately. 


What are the Best New Ultrasound Portables for 2022?


When looking for the best ultrasound portables for 2022, there are many terrific devices to consider.

 mindray mx7 ultrasound for sale

Mindray MX7 Ultrasound

The Mindray MX7 Ultrasound System offers superior imaging and a compact design, along with accurate capabilities for obstetric and gynecologic settings, women’s health, cardiovascular use, and general imaging. Sleek design and an advanced battery solution both provide mobility and portability for the best diagnostic efficiency.

CX50 image

Philips CX50 Ultrasound

The Philips CX50 provides extreme performance capabilities through an innovative, premium CX50 system. This premium technology allows high quality imaging for confident and accurate diagnosis at the highest level.

GE Versana Active Ultrasound Machine For Sale

GE Versana Active Ultrasound

GE Versana Active - Excellent abdominal, and vascular diagnosis among many other uses, this ultrasound offers a lightweight, hand-carried machine enabling practitioners to take the system even to remote facilities. As easy to transport as a laptop, it’s adaptable for skilled use in a wide range of exams. 

Mindray Vetus 7 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine for Veterinarians Animal Examinations Diagnostic Scanner 275

Mindray Vetus E7 Veterinary Ultrasound

For veterinary use, the Mindray Vetus E7 makes an excellent choice in portable ultrasound machines. This Color Doppler Echo System provides stunning image quality, depth, and penetration. It is the first Mindray portable ultrasound system to incorporate ZST+ technology, a solution seen in larger, premium veterinary imaging systems. 


Ready to Learn More About the Benefits of Portable Ultrasound Use?

At Universal Diagnostic Solutions, we’re here to help you choose the best portable ultrasound machine for your diagnostic needs. Our experienced team can explain the technology and how it can best work for you, and help you select the right ultrasound machine for your needs and your setting. We will also be happy to assist with set-up and proper operation, so you’ll get the greatest possible use of your portable ultrasound right from the start. 

If you’re ready to learn more or you’re in the market for a portable ultrasound machine to take your business to the next level, then contact Universal Diagnostic Solutions and our ultrasound experts at (760) 754-3288, today!


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