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What Are Some Common Uses of the Butterfly IQ Ultrasound?

The Butterfly IQ Ultrasound brings powerful scanning capability to the palm of your hand. Compatible with iPhone and Android devices, this small ultrasound wand produces images comparable to those of a portable machine.

Universal Diagnostic Solutions introduces the Butterfly IQ system and describes its uses and benefits.


Common Diagnostic Uses of the Butterfly IQ Ultrasound

Physicians can use Butterfly IQ on nearly every part of the body. The system is an asset to doctors and nurses who provide patient care in outpatient offices and hospitals.

The machine includes several helpful presets that allow it to adapt to different organs and systems. The presets adjust the scanning and display properties, enabling the device to perform diverse tasks.


The Butterfly IQ ultrasound fulfills the following scanning functions, among others:



The machine can evaluate organs like the liver, kidneys, and gallbladder.


The ultrasound's speed enables it to perform echocardiograms and check blood flow.


The Butterfly IQ can help physicians diagnose and treat conditions like respiratory failure. It also helps evaluate structures and detect possible abnormalities.


Physicians can use this system to image the nervous system, including the optic nerve. Researchers have found that the Butterfly IQ provides a viable alternative to conventional ultrasound machines for ophthalmic use.


The system images the muscular system in great detail, enabling doctors to diagnose injuries, track healing, and guide injections.


Butterfly IQ provides advanced bladder scans. The machine has a preset that calculates bladder volume in seconds.


The machine can image the embryo or fetus and track the fetal heart rate.


How the Butterfly IQ Ultrasound Works

The feature that sets Butterfly IQ apart is the "ultrasound on a chip" system. Traditional stand-alone and portable ultrasound machines use transducer crystals to create diagnostic images, but the Butterfly IQ replaces these crystals with computer chips.

Using chips in place of crystals allows Butterfly to miniaturize the technology, allowing the entire ultrasound system to fit into a handheld wand. The iPhone or Android app processes the information and transmits it to a secure cloud storage system.

The Butterfly IQ shows ultrasound scans on the physician's smartphone and can also cast them on a computer monitor or TV.


Advantages of the Butterfly IQ Ultrasound

  • Pocket-sized
  • Powerful imaging capabilities
  • Compatible with existing smartphones
  • Secure cloud data storage
  • Enables bedside diagnosis
  • No need to move a bulky machine or move a hospitalized patient to radiology
  • Convenient for patients and physicians
  • Cast images to a computer or TV screen with the proper software and hardware installed
  • Useful for pediatric and adult care
  • Excellent value for the price


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