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Last updated 12/15/2020


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Ultrasound industry updates and news articles from 2020. Learn more about the newest ultrasound imaging techniques and technological advances.

Philips cx50 how does portable ultrasound machine work smaller  

How Does a Portable Ultrasound Machine Work?

Posted 12/15/2020
mindray mx7 ultrasound machine training  

How to Get More Ultrasound Experience and Training

Posted 11/25/2020
cx50 portable ultrasound what do ultrasounds do  

What Does a Portable Ultrasound Machine Do?

Posted 10/25/2020
Ultrasound in Diagnosing Suspected Deep Venous Thrombosis  

Study Provides In-depth Analysis on VTE Risk in COVID-19 Patients

Posted 10/1/2020
enhanced ultrasound better than CT or MR for diagnosing some liver cancer  

Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging Beats CT and MR for Diagnosing Some Liver Cancers

Posted 9/22/2020
applying gel for an ultrasound exam examination scan scanner image 300px  

Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Portable Ultrasound Machine

Posted 9/9/2020
console ultrasound machines  

UDS Now Offering New Medical Devices in Addition to Console and Portable Ultrasound Machines

Posted 8/20/2020
ultrasound study new technology using piezoelectric crystal and an organic light emitting diode OLED  

Researchers Demonstrate Fundamentally New Approach to Ultrasound Imaging

Posted 8/13/2020
students study ultrasound at home GE scanner  

Portable Ultrasound Allows STCC Students to Train at Home During COVID-19

Posted 7/31/2020
how much does a portable ultrasound machine cost 300px  

How Much Do Portable Ultrasounds Machines Cost?

Posted 7/15/2020
how accurate are portable ultrasound machines  

How Accurate are Portable Ultrasound Machines?

Posted 6/23/2020
lung ultrasound  

Portable Ultrasound Machines for COVID-19 Testing at Point of Care

Posted 5/27/2020
lung ultrasound  

AI-Enhanced Ultrasound Is Helping Physicians On The Front Lines of COVID-19

Posted 4/28/2020
GE video using ultrasound during global health crisis  

The Use of Ultrasound during Global Health Crisis. Video by GE Healthcare

Posted: 4/16/2020
Mindray video using ultrasound covid 19 coronavirus  

How Does Ultrasound Help With the Management of ECMO? Video by Mindray International

Posted 4/7/2020
ultrasound lung scan of patient with coronavirus covid 19  

How Doctors Are Using Portable Ultrasound to Test for COVID-19 Virus ( Coronavirus )

Posted: 3/18/2020
new building smaller  

UDS Response to COVID-19

Posted: 3/17/2020
FDA Authorizes Marketing of First Cardiac Ultrasound Software That Uses Artificial Intelligence to Guide User  

FDA Authorizes Marketing of First Cardiac Ultrasound Software That Uses Artificial Intelligence to Guide User

Posted: 2/7/2020

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