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Should I Invest in an Ultrasound Machine for My Practice?

should I invest in an ultrasound machine for my practice

If you are considering acquiring an ultrasound for medical practice, carefully consider your options. Ultrasound machines have become valuable diagnostic tools in many medical practices, from primary care providers to cardiologists. An ultrasound machine is an excellent investment because it helps you reach more precise diagnoses, improves patient care and convenience, and provides a competitive advantage over other practices.


Benefits of an In-Office Ultrasound Machine

Here are selected benefits of having an ultrasound machine in your practice:

Better Diagnostic Ability

When you use an in-office ultrasound machine, you can pinpoint internal problems that a simple physical exam may miss. These may include cardiovascular issues, digestive issues, and others.

Immediate Results

In-office ultrasound scans provide fast results without waiting for a specialist or radiologist. This feature is critical when a patient has acute symptoms and may have to receive hospital care depending on the scan results.

Increased Patient Convenience

When you have an ultrasound for medical practice, you may have to make fewer referrals to outside providers. Your patients will appreciate the convenience of having an ultrasound performed in-house.

Lower Patient Costs

Patients will have lower co-pays in your office than in a hospital or imaging center. This factor can help patients decide where they want to receive care.

Competitive Advantage

Patients often consider which offices can conduct routine testing in-house when comparing similar medical practices. Owning an in-office ultrasound machine can help attract patients.


Choosing the Machine You Need

When selecting an ultrasound for medical practice, you have multiple options. Each machine type is ideal for a different purpose. Before purchasing a device, consider how you will use it and what features you need.

Handheld Ultrasound Devices

A handheld ultrasound device can go anywhere and provide quick, accurate scans. These scans may need follow-up by a more advanced machine, but they can provide immediate results to assist decision-making.

Portable Ultrasound Devices

A portable ultrasound device provides scan quality comparable to a full-size machine, but physicians can quickly move it throughout their offices. Portable ultrasounds make an excellent diagnostic addition to the primary care practice.

3-D and 4-D Ultrasound Machines

Obstetricians appreciate 3-D and 4-D ultrasounds because they produce excellent pregnancy scans. They are also helpful for cardiologists and gastroenterologists.

Stand-Alone Ultrasound Machines

If your practice does many ultrasounds and you need the highest resolution, you may need a fixed-location device. These devices trade convenience for precision.


Call Universal Diagnostic Solutions

After considering the benefits, you can see why an ultrasound machine is an excellent purchase for any medical practice.

Buying an ultrasound machine can be intimidating, but Universal Diagnostic Solutions can help. We will walk you through your options and help you determine which devices are appropriate for your office. Call us at 760-614-2375 for assistance.


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