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How Much is a Cardiac Ultrasound Machine?

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Known as echocardiography (echo), cardiac ultrasound machines are used by cardiologists to assess various levels of heart function. Having access to one right away means being able to address a patient’s health issues without delay. And when it comes to the heart, time is often of the essence. While every cardiologist should have immediate access to one of the diagnostic tools, this does pose an extra expense. How much is a cardiac ultrasound machine? Let’s take a closer look at the cost and the factors that influence it. 


What is a Cardiac Ultrasound Machine? 

A cardiac ultrasound machine is a very important part of diagnostic testing for a cardiologist — or anyone in the medical field seeking answers to what is going on inside the body. Using sound waves, these machines can help doctors see a patient’s heart function to diagnose various heart conditions and examine different areas of the heart more closely. 

It is often relied upon by doctors when creating a treatment plan. This is why having access to a cardiac ultrasound machine is critical. 


philips cx50 ultrasound with patient during medical exam 05

A doctor performing a cardiac examination with a Philips CX50 ultrasound machine (shown above, left).


Why You Need a Cardiac Ultrasound Machine

Most hospitals do have large cardiac ultrasound machines that can give doctors the images they are looking for. Unfortunately, there is not usually immediate access to these machines — especially in large facilities where multiple people share the equipment and many patients are waiting to use them. 

Portable cardiac ultrasound machines make it easy for doctors to get the tests done and the results reviewed as soon as possible. Private practices, urgent care facilities, and various medical offices can all benefit from these accessible units, getting answers about a patient’s health immediately.

Because matters of the heart cannot wait, these machines allow you to know what is going on with a patient’s heart right away so that you can decide on further treatment. What’s more, rather than transporting a patient to the ultrasound, it can be done wherever the patient is. 

Portable cardiac ultrasound machines are highly convenient, efficient, and life-saving. 


philips cx50 ultrasound with patient during medical exam 02

A sonographer performing an cardiac ultrasound exam on a teenage boy in a school gymnasium using a Philips CX50 ultrasound (shown above, right).


How Much Does a Cardiac Ultrasound Machine Cost? 

The cost of a cardiac ultrasound machine varies greatly based on the type of machine you choose. After all, several factors can impact their cost, including: 

  • Brand and model
  • The age of the unit
  • Features and functionality
  • Purchase or lease

Although a cardiac ultrasound machine may cost upwards of $32,000 when purchased outright, seeking monthly payment options can be a more affordable and accessible option for practices of all sizes. You may be able to have one for a few hundred dollars each month. 

Know your options before you make your purchase so that you have everything you need to provide the best care at a price you can afford. 


ge vivid iq ultrasound in patient room

A sonographer performing an cardiac ultrasound exam on a senior male patient using a GE Vivid IQ ultrasound (shown above, right).


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