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How Long Does A Portable Ultrasound Machine Last?

how long does an ultrasound machine last

Portable ultrasound machines are valuable medical tools. If you are in the market for portable ultrasound machines, you need to know how long you can expect them to work before it needs replacement. On average, a portable ultrasound machine lasts about 5-7 years. Ultrasound Portables explains what you need to know about portable ultrasound machines and their durability.


Types of Portable Ultrasound Machines

Portable ultrasound machines come in two major types:

  • Portable Machines: A portable ultrasound machine easily rolls from room to room within a medical practice. These machines are ideal for outpatient practices as well as hospital settings.
  • Hand-Held Machines: A hand-held ultrasound machine is a sophisticated portable device that doctors and technicians can use on the go or inside a medical practice.

Uses of Portable Ultrasound Machines

Physicians and technicians can use portable ultrasound machines in many medical specialties. They are useful in obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, and many other fields. A portable machine may be slightly less sensitive than a standing ultrasound unit. The convenience, affordability, and portability of using these devices are why physicians may purchase them.

Durability of Portable Ultrasound Machine Parts

The part that is most likely to wear out first is the battery. Batteries are often replaceable, but physicians should research each model under consideration to find out how difficult the replacement process may be. The transducer should last 5 to 7 years, perhaps more, with proper care. Maintenance is key, with inspections and appropriate repairs lengthening the useful life of these machines.

What to Look For in a Portable Ultrasound Machine

Here are some crucial factors you should consider when looking for an ultrasound machine:

  • Imaging Modes: You should choose the imaging modes you need based on your medical specialty. For example, the machine may show A-mode images, meaning only the reflected sound waves are displayed, or real-time spatial compound imaging, where the machine forms the sonograph from several angles simultaneously.
  • Size and Portability:  A portable ultrasound machine can come in various sizes. Choose the most appropriate size for your medical application and diagnostic requirements.
  • Screen Size: A larger viewing screen will help your doctors and technicians understand diagnostic information and return medical information to the patient.
  • Longevity: Our staff can help you research which machines last longest and how they can continue to provide your practice with excellent service throughout their lifespans.

Contact Universal Diagnostic Solutions

The expert team at Universal Diagnostic can help you select the correct product for your needs and ensure that you get the best value for the purchase price. Our durable machines will perform at a high level for several years. Contact us at 760-754-3288 for questions and to inquire about which machine you should order and how to use it in your practice.


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