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How A Portable Ultrasound Machine Benefits A Cardiology Practice

ultrasound scan carotid artery mx7The carotid duplex ultrasound scan above was taken using a Mindray MX7 ultrasound system.


Ultrasound is an invaluable diagnostic tool for physicians in many disciplines, particularly cardiologists. Using ultrasound, cardiologists can diagnose and understand conditions like heart defects, valve issues, and damage from heart attacks, among many others. Portable ultrasound machines have become common in cardiology offices because they bring significant value to the practice. Mobile devices can easily be moved between exam rooms, helping doctors be more flexible with their patient's treatment plans. Universal Diagnostic Solutions explains the advantages of these valuable devices and how they can enhance patient care.


mindray mx7 ultrasound machine in exam room on portable wheeled cart

The Mindray MX7 ultrasound is a popular system for cardiology practices that want to perform diagnostic medical examinations relating to the heart and vascular system.


Advantages of Ultrasound in Cardiology Offices

Having a portable ultrasound in the office benefits patients and clinicians alike. Here are several advantages offered:


Having portable ultrasound machines in cardiology practices means that patients do not have to travel offsite to receive vital diagnostic care. A doctor or nurse can efficiently perform the scan and save the results for later analysis.

Shorter Patient Wait Times

When a medical practice has only one non-portable ultrasound machine, patients may have to wait an extended time for their scan. Having multiple portable devices reduces patients' appointment duration and makes your practice more attractive in a competitive environment.

Patient Communication

Doctors who perform an ultrasound scan can communicate the results directly and open a dialogue about their health with the patient and their caregivers. Patients with better communication with their doctors benefit in many ways. They may comply more with physicians' instructions and achieve better health outcomes.

Keep Better Track of Patients' Health

When a portable ultrasound machine is in the cardiology office, patients are more likely to receive regular ultrasound scans to check their disease progress or recovery path. Any emerging problems can receive prompt treatment, avoiding severe medical complications at a later date.

Faster Diagnosis and Treatment

A quick assessment of a patient's problem is vital in cardiology. Rapid intervention is a must during cardiac events. When doctors take advantage of the convenience and speed of using a portable ultrasound machine, they can quickly refer their patients for follow-up care or take steps to protect their patients' health.


ultrasound machine GE vivid iq premium large

The GE Vivid IQ ultrasound is another popular system for cardiologists performing diagnostic medical examinations on the heart.



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Diagnostic Abilities of Portable Ultrasound Machines

Portable ultrasound machines can provide many of the same benefits as permanently placed units. The devices can detect diseases and conditions like pericardial tamponade, cardiomyopathy, aortic dissection, pulmonary embolism, and acute coronary syndrome, among many others.


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