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Top 5 Best Portable Ultrasounds for Veterinary Practices

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Universal Diagnostic Services specializes in portable ultrasound machines for a variety of medical specialties, including those used for veterinary purposes. Portable vet ultrasound systems have the versatility to be used for both large and small animals, but it’s important to choose the right machine for your needs. Below, we share the best veterinary ultrasound machines on the market today.


Philips cx50 ultrasound machine exam scanner medical diagnostic system

Mindray M9 Ultrasound Machine

The Mindray M9 is built on Mindray’s new generation ultrasound platform, MQuadro. This portable ultrasound boasts advanced signal transmission, highly sensitive reception processors, and a number of features that enhance diagnostic experience.

What Makes It a Top Choice: The M9 comes complete with Mindray’s unique 3T transducer technology for better penetration and color dynamic flow, which is ideal for scanning difficult patients in a veterinary practice.

Best For: All higher-end veterinary applications.


Philips cx50 ultrasound machine exam scanner medical diagnostic system

Philips CX50 Ultrasound Machine

While the Philips CX50 system is not designed exclusively for veterinary use, its compact size and premium class performance make it well-suited for this purpose. Images are crisp and clear, offering practitioners the data they need to make an accurate diagnosis.

What Makes It a Top Choice: The Philips CX50 excels in technically-challenging studies, with premium, innovative technology in a portable ultrasound package.

Best For: Higher-end veterinary applications such as comprehensive cardiac imaging and excluding large animal reproductive imaging.


ge vivid i ultrasound machine medical exam scanner diagnostic tool

GE Vivid I Ultrasound Machine

If you’re looking for a portable ultrasound designed for veterinary practices, the GE Vivid I is one to consider. Best known for its exceptional cardiac imaging, this portable veterinary ultrasound also provides abdominal and vascular imaging for small animals, as well as imaging for guided procedures.

What Makes It a Top Choice: The GE Vivid I is considered the gold standard in portable veterinary cardiovascular ultrasound imaging. Cardiac options include tissue velocity imaging, tissue tracking, tissue synchronization imaging, smart depth, and adaptive reject.

Best For: Higher-end veterinary applications and speciality veterinary cardiologists and excluding large animal reproductive imaging.

 0 mindray z60 ultrasound machine laptop scanner diagnostic medical tool for patient exams and examinations color mode

Mindray Z60 Veterinary Ultrasound

This hand-carried color Doppler is a top choice for its ability to handle a wide range of exams, making it a leading option for large animal veterinarians. MedSight transfers images and reports to smart devices with ease.

What Makes It a Top Choice: The Z60 vet offers high-level performance across a wide range of applications. In addition to its sharp, clear image quality, Mindray Z60 vet provides customizable workflow applications that are intuitive to use, saving your practice valuable time.

Best For: Higher-end veterinary applications including large animal reproductive imaging.


EDAN DUS 60 vet ultrasound machine

EDAN DUS 60 Veterinary Ultrasound

The EDAN DUS 60 offers veterinary practices great value with its PW Doppler capabilities and compact form. The machine boasts best-in-class image quality, user-friendly design, and multiple transducer options.

What Makes It a Top Choice: The EDAN DUS 60 is an ideal solution for practices that value versatility and portability. The machine is compact and lightweight, with large capacity data storage and a built-in battery that provides up to two hours of point-of-care imaging.

Best For: Entry-level small and large animal reproductive studies.


Find the Right Portable Veterinary Ultrasound for Your Practice

If you’re not sure which portable veterinary ultrasound is the best choice for your practice, our team of ultrasound experts can help. Contact Universal Diagnostic Solutions today to learn more or request a free quote.

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