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Best Portable Ultrasound Machines for Vascular Imaging

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At Universal Diagnostic Solutions, we specialize in portable ultrasound machines for a variety of medical specialties, including vascular access ultrasounds. These machines obtain vascular imaging and measure blood flow velocity in the abdominal aorta, carotid artery, and vessels of the legs, arms, and kidneys; they also detect blockages, blood clots, and aortic aneurysms. When vascular access is needed, as with PICC and midline catheters, portable ultrasounds are also useful. Below, we’ve chosen some of the best portable ultrasounds for vascular access.


GE Logiq V2 Vascular Access Ultrasound


GE is a leader in portable ultrasounds and the Logiq V2 benefits from their decades of experience. It features a number of advanced imaging technologies that allow for better imaging and more accurate diagnosis. You’ll also get real-time scanning support with the Scan Coach tool and onboarding help.

What Makes It a Top Choice: The Logiq V2 boasts automated measurement of the intima-media thickness for faster carotid exams, with a Scan Assistant feature to minimize keystrokes and Auto Optimization for better contrast resolution.

Best For: A practice that needs a versatile portable ultrasound that can be used for a number of different applications

Mindray DP-30 Vascular Access Ultrasound

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The Mindray DP-30 features advanced imaging technologies and a wide array of transducers. We like to think of this portable ultrasound as breaking down the barrier between black-and-white and Doppler ultrasound diagnostic systems. It comes equipped with optional Power Doppler and PW Doppler for additional versatility.

What Makes It a Top Choice: The iStorage functionality offers instant images and reports transfer to PCs, while iZoom provides instant full-screen image zoom. Tissue Harmonic Imaging enhances contrast resolution and improves image quality.

Best For: Practices that are looking for a user-friendly portable ultrasound with a light, compact design.

Mindray TE5 Vascular Access Ultrasound

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The Mindray TE5 is a specialty ultrasound that was designed with physicians’ needs in mind. It offers extremely high resolution, a seamless monitor with full touch screen, and a clean-lock function to ensure cleaning and disinfection between uses.

What Makes It a Top Choice: The Mindray TE5 has built-in Wi-Fi with hotspot, three-second boot-up from standby, and cable management that avoids wheel rolling compaction, making it a highly usable and functional machine. The customizable layout makes it easy to tailor to any practice’s needs.

Best For: A vascular clinic that needs a simple, focused vascular portable ultrasound machine.

Mindray MX7 Vascular Access Ultrasound

03 mindray MX7 ultrasound machine for sale on trolley cart diagnostic doppler scanner for general imaging cardiovascular and OB GYN examinations

The Mindray MX7 is well-loved for its compact form and high-quality imaging capabilities. It also offers an advanced battery solution to enable a great degree of mobility and portability. This pioneering portable ultrasound has an intuitive user interface and imaging you can rely upon.

What Makes It a Top Choice: Features like HR Flow, which improves the dynamics of blood flow, Echo Boost to optimize and enhance myocardial tissue, and HD Scope to improve detail and contrast make the Mindray MX7 an ideal choice for vascular imaging.

Best For: Practices looking for a compact design that doesn’t sacrifice image quality.

EDAN AX3 Vascular Access Ultrasound

EDAN AX3 Ultrasound Machine Diagnostic Medical Scanning System

The EDAN AX3 has a number of design breakthroughs to make the day-to-day operations of your clinic simpler, faster, and more intuitive. This elegant machine marries form and function with a lightweight, magnesium alloy body and impressive image quality.

What Makes It a Top Choice: With its customizable touch screen, innovative technology, and multiple imaging processing modalities, the EDAN AX3 is an exceptional value. Tissue Adaptive Imaging automatically optimizes imaging, allowing for more focus on the patient.

Best For: Practices looking for uncompromising performance at an affordable price point.


SonoStar C5PL Vascular Access Ultrasound

sonostar c5pl handheld ultrasound larger

This wireless diagnostic ultrasound transducer boasts three probes in a single unit, including a linear transducer, convex transducer, and phased array transducer. The SonoStar C5PL is compatible with many iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets. This makes the C5PL among the easiest ultrasound machines to transport.

What Makes It a Top Choice: As more practices are prioritizing versatility and agility, the SonoStar C5PL is an increasingly popular choice.

Best For: Vascular practices looking for a portable ultrasound that is compatible with mobile devices.

Mindray Z60 Vascular Access Ultrasound

0 mindray z60 ultrasound machine laptop scanner diagnostic medical tool for patient exams NTE natural touch elastography mode

We recommend the Mindray Z60 for anyone who requires mobility and high-quality imaging at an affordable price. The Z60 comes complete with Mindray’s signature workflow features that make healthcare more efficient and effective.

What Makes It a Top Choice: Vascular clinics will be particularly interested in the Intimal-Media Thickness feature, which offers auto measurement of the anterior and posterior wall thickness for accurate carotid status.

Best For: Practices that need entry-level vascular imaging.


Find the Right Portable Ultrasound for Vascular Access

If you’re not sure which are the best portable ultrasounds for your applications, our team of ultrasound experts can help. Contact Universal Diagnostic Solutions today to learn more or request a free quote.


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