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Benefits of Using Ultrasound Machines For Imaging Venous Insufficiency

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Being able to treat patients with a mixture of knowledge, skills, and technology is crucial in today’s medical world. Without having all three, you may not be able to fully get to the bottom of a patient’s ailments. 


With conditions such as venous insufficiency, being able to see the venous system and how well the blood is flowing is vital to creating a treatment plan. An ultrasound machine is a critical part of detecting issues and coming up with solutions.



What is Venous Insufficiency

Your venous system - or veins - is a very important part of your body. While your heart sends blood throughout your body using arteries, it is the veins that bring it back to the heart. Valves within the veins help keep the blood moving in the right direction. 


Venous insufficiency occurs when the veins struggle to get the blood back to the heart. Instead, it gathers in the veins located in the legs. Blood clots and varicose veins both commonly lead to venous insufficiency. And this can result in swelling and pain in the legs, feelings of heaviness in the legs, itchy or weak legs, leg ulcers, change in skin color, and more. 


Finding out why the blood is unable to flow back to the heart is the first step in being able to find a solution. Individuals who suffer from this condition will almost always eventually seek medical attention - and they expect answers and treatment.



Benefits of Using Ultrasound Machines 

Any patient who presents with symptoms of venous insufficiency will get a thorough exam. Not only will the doctor do a physical exam of the patient to determine visible signs of the condition, but a thorough medical history will be taken as well. Unfortunately, discussion and surface exams can only do so much. 


If it appears that it may be venous insufficiency, it is impossible to tell what is causing it without being able to see inside the veins. This is where the use of an ultrasound machine can be beneficial. 


Ultrasound machines can examine the blood circulation throughout the legs. The transducer is placed on the skin over the veins. The sound waves emitted by the transducer bounce of the veins and get recorded, creating an image to display on the monitor. 


It provides a clear picture so that medical professionals know how to proceed with treatment.



Treat Venous Insufficiency with Ultrasound Machines from Universal Diagnostic Solutions

An ultrasound machine is a necessary tool in nearly all medical fields. With its ability to get to the root cause of painful and debilitating conditions such as venous insufficiency, ultrasounds should be a regular part of your practice. They allow for much better treatment of conditions than a simple physical exam.  


Contact Universal Diagnostic Solutions online or by calling (760) 754-3288 to learn more about the options available to you. 

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