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Benefits of Having a Portable Ultrasound Machine at Your Vet Practice

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The Mindray Vetus E7 portable ultrasound for vet imaging.

Portable ultrasounds for veterinarians can have significant advantages. Pets are vulnerable to many of the same health conditions as their owners and require fast accurate treatment. Ultrasounds are just as valuable for animal patients as they are for humans. They can diagnose dozens of potentially severe health conditions. They can also improve the public profile and profitability of your practice.


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A Mindray Vetus E7 ultrasound for veterinary imaging with animal specific presets.


Here are several benefits of keeping a portable ultrasound machine in your veterinary office.

Diagnosing Hidden Conditions

Portable ultrasound machines can help diagnose many conditions in a veterinary setting, including the following:

+ Heart Conditions

Older pets are most prone to heart problems, but these issues can happen at any age. A portable ultrasound machine can run early diagnostic scans and refer pets to specialists for further care.

+ Pregnancy and Reproductive Conditions

A portable ultrasound can confirm an animal's pregnancy or check on its progress. Veterinarians can also monitor other reproductive health conditions.

+ Digestive Problems

Pets cannot tell their owners when they feel unwell, so common conditions like constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite often go untreated until they present a severe problem. An ultrasound scan can accurately diagnose this condition. Many pets are also prone to swallowing foreign objects, leading to emergencies. A quick diagnostic ultrasound can lead the veterinarian to the best treatment option.

+ Cancer

Ultrasound can help a veterinarian examine pets to determine whether they have masses or tumors. These tumors may receive a cancer diagnosis. Early detection and treatment improve the animal's chance of survival.


0 SIUI CTS 800 Ultrasound Machine for Vets Veterinarians Veterinary Use Animal Diagnostic Imaging Pregnancy Detection Fetal Sexing Equine Bovine Ovine Canine Feline Primate

The SIUI CTS-800 ultrasound is an ultra-compact ultrasound scanner for veterinarians.



Rather than waiting for a mobile ultrasound service to come to your veterinary practice, it is better to have your own. Having your own machine means that you will be able to diagnose and treat patients much more quickly.

Less Stress for Animal Patients

If your animal patients do not have to be referred elsewhere for an ultrasound, you can save them the stress and anxiety associated with another appointment in an unfamiliar place. Your clients will appreciate that their pets have a more comfortable setting when they need diagnostic care.

Quick Treatment

Frequently, time is of the essence in veterinary care. If an animal has an emerging medical condition that needs diagnosis, your clients will appreciate faster treatment for their beloved pets.


A portable ultrasound machine is relatively affordable, but it pays for itself in the extra services you can offer to your patients and their owners. When you can avoid sending patients out for ultrasounds, you can keep the service fees for your business.

Attract More Patients

Extra services like in-house ultrasounds make your practice more attractive to pet owners. You can pick up more clients when you have ultrasound capabilities.


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